Location Spotlight: Eurogerm

Location: Durban, South Africa

Affiliate: Eurogerm

Year Opened: 2013

Products/Services offered by Eurogerm:

A normal day for us starts with the planning of production to be made depending on orders; it can be a few products like enzyme blends (300 kg); improvers blends (500 kg) and Premixes (2 tons).

Each product will be made according to a specific formulation. Usually each customer has its own formulation.

Each raw material is checked and scaled; once the whole batch is scaled it is blended at specific blenders depending on the size of the batch and the type of products.

How many employees work at Eurogerm?

The company employs 14 people.

What are the typical daily challenges Eurogerm faces?

Maintaining high quality all the time; checking our raw materials and making sure we have enough stock on hand to supply our customers.

What is the latest project or improvement Eurogerm went through?

The latest improvement was the design of a new blender and a new platform; it was built and installed according to specification. Our main issue being the lack of space; we managed to fit everything in the warehouse, so space was optimized.

Are there any new projects developing at Eurogerm?

We had a project to expand on a new site, but Seaboard Directors decided to stop this project due to political situation in South Africa.

What makes Eurogerm unique or different to others?

We are 50% Eurogerm and 50% Seaboard, but we only communicate on Eurogerm brands, ingredients and technology. Seaboard has been helping the affiliate on the administration side. The affiliate is unique for being a partnership between an American and a French company established in South Africa and growing into the African continent. We are also unique within the Seaboard group as we are the only company manufacturing improvers, premixes for breads and mixes for confectionery.

What was the last social event, gathering, or celebration you had?

We organized our yearly team building on August 3rd, 2018. There was lunch at a Steakhouse restaurant (Spurs) and followed by Bowling.

How’s life in this location? Weather, economy, infrastructure, traffic, government, society, etc.?

Durban is a nice city of about 2.5 Million habitants on the Pacific Ocean. The weather is very nice throughout the year, subtropical climate, not too hot, not too cold. Infrastructure is well developed; a bit of traffic at peak hours of course but not too bad compared to many other cities in the world. Lifestyle is good with good access to beaches and lots of sports from surfing to rugby, including soccer and cricket games. Durban economy is growing thanks to the Port activity, the Port being the biggest one in the sub-Saharan Africa with more than 80 million tons (total imported & exported) every year (half being containers).

What is special about Eurogerm’s location? Touristic spots or interesting things to see and do, etc.

Lots of activities are possible in Durban: fishing trips is one of the attractions. Also, about two hours from Durban you have the option of either National Parks for Safaris (Umfulozi Park) or hiking in the Drakensberg Mountains. A short trip to the Midlands (one hour from Durban) to enjoy craft foods and farm style experience is also possible.