Carlo Randriambololona, Sales & Marketing Manager, DRC

At Seaboard, we create career opportunities for select individuals that are passionate about working for a multinational company in exciting locations. We enjoy the challenges that come with operating a successful business with facilities around the world. Our team is made up of talented and diverse people that bring a unique blend of qualifications and experience to our company. The best way to learn about a career at Seaboard is to hear from our employees in their own words.


Carlo Randriambololona, Sales & Marketing Manager at Minoterie de Matadi (Midema), a Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group affiliate.


What is your job title and location?

Sales & Marketing Manager at Midema in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

How long have you worked for Seaboard?

2 years

What are your responsibilities?

Develop sales strategy, co-ordinate sales action plans, manage deliveries to point of sales, maintain and improve relationships with customers, improve product marketability, coordinate new product development and identify new markets.

What is your history/career path with Seaboard?

I first joined Seaboard as a Business Consultant before getting hired as a Sales & Marketing Manager for the second biggest bakery in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

What do you enjoy most about working for Seaboard? The combination of professionalism and camaraderie at Seaboard brings the best out of each employee. Seaboard offers a platform where everyone works in a family atmosphere, in which, your duty station becomes a home away from home.

What’s your favorite story/memory about working for Seaboard?

On my very first assignment, while driving in very remote area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a group of local bakers all came together to thank us for our customer service and the quality of the flour produced by Midema.

What important values do you think Seaboard delivers on?

  • Fairness
  • Equality
  • Employee empowerment

What surprised you most about the job or its location?

Eight million baguettes are consumed in Kinshasa per day for a local population of ten million, quite a large part of the population where bread is not even the staple food.

How do you spend your free time? What do you like to do in the city where you live?

I spend my free time training and playing basketball four times a week with a local team. The same team went on to win the Congolese National Tournament in 2016.

What is your hidden talent? Or something most people don’t know about you?

I am the first international candidate from Madagascar to be admitted and graduate from the prestigious United States Naval Academy, in Maryland.