Emmanuel Kissi, Nutritionist/Production Manager at Flour Mills of Ghana Ltd.

Employee Spotlight: Emmanuel Kissi, Nutritionist/Production Manager at Flour Mills of Ghana Ltd. (FMG)

What is your job title and location?

I am the Nutritionist/Production Manager at Flour Mills of Ghana Ltd. in Tema, Ghana.

How long have you worked for FMG?

I have worked for FMG since February 13, 2013.

What are your responsibilities

Currently, my responsibilities are feed formulation and production and quarterly field trips. The constant availability of raw materials for production supports my formulations and builds an excitement for daily formulations and/or production.

What is your history and/or career path prior to FMG?

After completing my first degree in Agriculture (Animal Science) at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in 2001, I did my national service with Mfum Farms and Feed Mill Ltd. in Kumasi, Ghana for a year after which I joined Ghana Agro-Food Company Ltd. (GAFCO) as a Production Officer in the Feed Mill in March, 2006. GAFCO produced feed for poultry and livestock.

Then, in 2006 when the government of Ghana initiated a program to promote Aquaculture in the country. In result, GAFCO decided to add fish feed to its production line. Later, in 2007 I was chosen to go for training in Israel to read a Diploma in fish cultivation management to become the resource person for aquaculture for the company. I enjoyed the training and became very interested in aqua feed. In 2010,¬† I won an Australian Development Scholarship to read a master’s program.

In the meantime, my then employers gave me a study leave so I read M.Sc. in Sustainable Aquaculture at the Curtin University of Science and Technology in Perth, Australia. I majored in fish nutrition. Before I graduated, GAFCO folded up due to bankruptcy. Then, Seaboard took over the Flour and Feed Mill of the company in November 2011 and named this affiliate, Flour Mills of Ghana Ltd. In 2013, there was a vacancy for Production Manager, which I applied to and was appointed. I took over formulations for the Sankofa feed and have held the position to date.

What’s your favorite story/memory about working for FMG?

For one thing, the time spent with various representatives of Seaboard such as, Kenny Govender among others, gives fond memories of listening ears and cultural interchange. Although, some of such representatives are on short rotations in Ghana, they always tend to leave an impressionable memory in the heart of workers.

What important values do you think FMG delivers on?

At FMG we try hard to deliver on our promises. We pride ourselves in the quality of our poultry feed. In the poultry  industry in Ghana Sankofa Feed is a household name.

How do you spend your free time? What do you do in the city where you live?

Overall, I spend my free time with young people in my Church. Currently, I am part of a group of coordinators who work together to groom young Christians. I enjoy teaching young Christians.