Employee Spotlight: Todd McMurtrey, Accounting Systems Manager at Isle of Man

What is your job title and location?

Accounting Systems Manager at Isle of Man

How long have you been employed with SOTG? 

Since September 20, 2004.

What is your history/career path prior to SOTG?

I grew up outside of Springfield, MO and went to University of Missouri – Colombia (Finance and Economics degree) and Missouri State University (master’s in accountancy). Upon graduation, I moved to Kansas City and worked at Deloitte and Touche for 5 years as an external auditor.  I then joined Seaboard in the fall of 2004 as an internal auditor for 1 ½ years. In early 2006 I was asked if I would enjoy a change of scenery to sunny Durban South Africa and could I leave in 2 weeks. I lived in South Africa for 6 ½ years working primarily as the SOL Group Financial Controller and during the last year transitioning to my current position. In the fall of 2013, I moved to the Isle of Man where I have lived ever since.

What are your current responsibilities?

My main job is to understand the different systems that are used by accounting throughout our offices be it PeopleSoft (Accounting ERP), Fusion (Trading System), Excel, etc…  and then work to develop better processes/reports/concepts that will assist with understanding of the business.  Further to this I perform various analysis for management related to SOL’s business results.

What do you enjoy most about working for SOTG?

I enjoy the variety of topics that I get to experience. With SOL being such a large company located across various locations there is always something new to learn and experience.

What’s your favorite memory about working for SOTG?

When we implemented a new accounting package for SOL. I was assigned as the primary accounting resource for the company. It was my first opportunity to be a “lead” on a project of this scope, and I was given the opportunity to design the accounting from the ground up. It was a lot of hard work, but it was very rewarding when we went live and processed our first transaction in the new system successfully.

What important values do you think SOTG delivers on? 

Getting it right. From an accounting/finance background and having seen many different companies from my audit days, it is always a reassuring thought to know that Seaboard cares more about getting to the correct answer than it does meeting a preconceived expectation.

What surprised you most about the job or its location?

The variety of businesses that Seaboard is involved with.  Before I joined the company, I knew of Seaboard, but I wasn’t aware of how diversified it was across the globe.

How do you spend your free time? What do you like to do in the city where you live?

Having relocated to a beautiful island I enjoy spending my time with my wife and daughter exploring the many hidden glens as well as delving into the history and superstitions surrounding the island…which seem to be many. As my daughter enjoys the performing arts I spend a lot of my free time either watching her perform or sitting in on her rehearsals. She hasn’t really taken any of my theatre advice yet, but probably best that she follows her mom’s cues.

Also, I’ve never been a huge tea drinker, but since moving to the Isle of Man, I find myself joining my wife and daughter for a proper sit-down afternoon tea with all the posh etiquette… pinky up!!! or otherwise I’m not allowed.

What is your hidden talent? Or something most people don’t know about you?

I’m a huge basketball fan and I love playing and watching the sport.  Though I do find that the time zone is particularly challenging when you find your team playing at 3 a.m.