Jacinto Alvear Fernandez, VP and Operations Manager at Molinos Champion S.A.

Employed with Seaboard or Location since:  September 15, 1998.

What is your history/career path prior to Seaboard? 

From June/1979 to September/1998 I worked with the Noboa Group. I’ve been the Operations Manager at the flour mill during the last 8 years with the Group. I previously held the position as Plant Manager at the Chocolate company INDECSA, licensed PERUGINA CHOCOLATES Manufacturer. I also worked in the same group in Venezuela from 1986 to 1990 holding same position.

What are your current responsibilities?

Replacing General Manager during his absences, and with direct supervision of Production, Sales, Project, Nutrition and Quality Assurance managers. I also help the General Manager in the control and the supervision of Farm’s Production and sales Managers.

What do you enjoy most about working for Seaboard or Location?

The wide variety of challenges facing every day, so it is quite difficult to get bored in this post.

What’s your favorite story/memory about working for Seaboard or Location?

Back in 2002, Mr. Harry Bresky visited our plant and I was showing him what we were doing. His advice he gave to me, which I’ll never forget, and I quote: “You are doing a nice job son, but you are not making any business”, meaning with that I should also be concerned about defining finished product prices, so we can generate reasonable earning for Molinos Champion. I believe that advice helped me quite a lot.

What important values do you think Seaboard or Location delivers on?

I am sure Molinos Champion has a wealth of good willing in this market because of the honesty and transparency of our policies to our customers and suppliers, because of the seriousness of our commitments, and finally, because of the well-established quality of our products.

What surprised you most about the job or its location?

The big number of suppliers and raw materials and the impact of good nutrition in the species we feed.

How do you spend your free time? What do you like to do in the city where you live?

I like to travel to the high lands of our country, to be with my grand kids, and watch Netflix with my wife.

What is your hidden talent? Or something most people don’t know about you?

I like to play chess, a game that I enjoy learning more.