Location Spotlight: ContiLatin del Peru (CLDP)


Location: Lima, Peru

Affiliate: ContiLatin del Peru (CLDP)

Year opened: CLDP was founded 24 years ago by Continental Grain in partnership with a local trading company.  After some years, this partnership finished and a second partner arrived.  Then later in 2007, Seaboard came to replace that partner ending up with 50% of ownership along with the business operation control.  Understandably, during that period ContiLatin del Peru was exposed to different management styles and different corporate cultures. In those years, CLDP culture ended up being the result of those different management styles and cultures as an accidental consequence and not a desired identity aligned with the company objectives.

A normal day in CLDP:

In 2017, led by the new MD Gustavo Klinge, CLDP started an exciting journey to define the corporate culture that will govern our company onward.

ContiLatin del Peru, located in Lima, Peru, is a leader in the market of importing and trading of grains in Peru as well as an industrial corporation with plants in the cities of Lurin and Trujillo for origination, drying and processing of local corn, as well as soybean extruding and feed meal production.

A corporate culture is referred to the beliefs and ideas of a company, and its way to do business, as well as the behavior of the employees inside and outside the workplace. In other words, it is the company’s identity, its spirit, and the line that employees follow while executing their jobs toward the corporate objectives achievement.  Furthermore, corporate culture is one of the most powerful differentiators for a company in the market.

Every company has a culture, it can be an explicit one clearly defined, or can be an implicit one without awareness of its existence. CLDP was in this second category.  Every successful business requires total alignment of its components, being people alignment the most critical of them.  If there is no proper alignment, business success will not be sustainable over time and achieving objectives will be just “a nice accident”.

What is the latest project or improvement CLDP went through?

We started and ambitious project we called “CLDP New Culture”, where employees from all areas participated, ensuring that way we all agree with the final product, and we all feel ourselves as owners of it.

We hired a specialized consultant named Intrapreneur to guide us over this process, they are a Peruvian branch of an Spanish well known firm.  We chose them from other candidates since they showed the best fitting to our case, understanding very well our reality and needs.

The process started when we recognized a need to define ourselves as an organization by creating an identity that can be recognized in the market.

Defining our new culture has helped us to align and define common objectives in our administrative office, industrial plants, and local warehouses. We started defining the new Vision and Mission for Contilatin; the Top Management with our MD view and leadership produced it.

Our Mission:

With passion for excellence in execution, we provide products, services, and solutions that successfully meet the needs and challenges of our customers, as such, we create value for our shareholders, prosperity for our families, and positive contribution to our society.

Our Vision:

To be for our clients the primary collaborator of success in achieving their objectives and prosperity over time.

Once we established the Mission and Vision of the company, with the guidance of our consultants, we moved to identify our key values. These values support our Vision and Mission and are the essence of our identity. They define who we want to be for our clients, our community, and ourselves. The values we’ve identified as essential to the CLDP culture and way of doing business are:

  • Service
  • High Performance
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork

Our value of Service means we put the customer first and we strive to provide them with quality products and excellent service. We want to exceed their expectations and work with customers as not only a supplier, but a partner.

Our value of High Performance represents our endeavor to be the best in the market which is a key to our success. CLDP is passionate and persistent in the search for providing solutions and increasing efficiencies in our business. Living this value motivates us to generate value and perform well for our clients.

Our value of Creativity drives us to continually generate new ideas and ways to serve our clients and improve our business. We strive to anticipate problems and derive new ways to motivate employees and increase customer satisfaction.

Our value of Responsibility not only indicates a responsibility to our customers, but a responsibility to the wider community in which we operate. This includes our families, our country, and the wider world. CLDP is a global operation and therefore we feel we understand that effect of our decisions is widespread and impactful. We want to be a positive force.

Our value of Teamwork is key to the success of CLDP because we need people to successfully run our business. By working together and through mutual support and positive attitudes, we strive to live our Mission, Vision, and Values as a part of a team—together with our co-workers and our customers.

The visual manifestation of these new changes to CLDP culture is our new logo which refreshes and rejuvenates our image.

new logo.PNG

In addition, also to reinforce our new image, we created a brand new web-page, which also reflects who we are as ContiLatin.


Since launching this new initiative, our employees have started to embrace the new Mission and Vision and have thrived by living the values of Service, High Performance, Creativity, Responsibility, and Teamwork.   However, this is an ongoing process; embedding a new corporate culture is a long-term journey, that has to be permanently reinforced with leadership, example and with team activities directed to create awareness of it.

Below we have some examples of how our employees live the CLDP Mission, Vision, and Values in real life, and tools we are using to reinforce the message.

New office wall installations and coffee mugs that remind us daily of our values, mission, and vision. (Wall installations in the San Isidro office;Plant employees with new mugs)


ContiLatin has a commitment to providing our clients with excellent products and services. Lurin plant warehouse employee assists a customer’s transport agent with a dispatch of full-fat soya to its final destination—the client (first).  Additional photos show plant employees at work in rain and fog–no matter the time or the weather, we work to serve our customers.


In November 2017, ContiLatin hosted a cocktail reception to launch our new culture and logo. This reception was in attendance by many of our customers, suppliers, and banks (first). ContiLatin employees also had a local new culture launch event for our San Isidro and Lurin corporate employees (second and third).


In April 2018, the kitchen/lunchrooms in the Corporate office  and the Lurin industrial plant were renovated to give employees a to be a place where our employees come to relax and enjoy time together over lunch, coffee, and conversation. A new meeting room was also constructed in Lurin. We intend these newly renovated rooms to be a meeting area that employees can come together and think creatively about projects and other work tasks.


In December 2017, ContiLatin employees visited a group of elders in Chincha Alta and provided gifts and companionship, emphasizing our commitment and responsibility to serving the wider Peruvian community.


Top Left: ContiLatin Corporate and Plant employees play in a friendly rivalry soccer match. This gives employees an opportunity to spend time together outside of work and let off some steam. Middle: ContiLatin employees work together on the implementation of our new ERP.  Bottom: ContiLatin Corporate team celebrates Seaboard’s 100th Anniversary.