Location Spotlight: Flour Mills of Ghana Limited


Location: Flour Mills of Ghana Limited (FMGL) is located in Tema.

Affiliate: FMGL is 100% subsidiary of Seaboard.

Year Opened: FMGL was acquired in 2011 and went into production in February 2012.

History and Past Achievements:

Tema Food Complex Corporation was established by Ghana’s first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in the early 70’s. TFCC was established to produce flour, feed, canned seafood and edible oil.

The Government of Ghana sold a part of the company to Social Security & National Insurance Trust. The SSNIT sold part of its shares to IBN.

Seaboard leased the milling sections of the company in the late 2011 and Flour Mills of Ghana Limited came into existence.

Products and services offered by FMGL:

FMGL produces soft and hard wheat flour and animal feed. FMGL is also importing and trading commodities i.e. yellow maize and soya bean meals.

A normal day at FMGL:

FMGL mills 200 MT of wheat and 180 MT of animal feed per day, in 3 shifts. The milling goes 24 hours for the number of days that it takes to produce the quantity required for the week.

Feed is being produced in full capacity, working 24/7 for the last 6 months. Feed mill produces 11 different types of poultry feed consisting of mashes and concentrates.

FMGL has a full-fledged Sales & Marketing Department. We have salesmen across the country taking care of all the 10 regions.

Quality Assurance officers are constantly monitoring the quality of flour & feed, running analysis in the laboratory and doing the baking tests to ensure the optimum quality of our products.

FMGL sells about 700 MT of commodities per week. Sales of Commodities is also conducted in the same manner, with the sales order being processed at the Sales & Marketing Department and then passed onto the warehouse for the delivery of the goods.

How many employees work at FMGL?

FMGL has about 100 permanent employees, about 60 casual workers and 26 outsourced workers; hired to do the production work as well as bagging of yellow maize, loading, offloading and security.

What are the typical daily challenges the affiliate faces?

The typical challenges FMGL faces are in the areas of logistics. Challenges faced are in the areas of loading of finished products for delivery and lack of storage space. Besides, we also face challenges in the areas of human traffic. FMGL is sharing common areas with four other companies within the complex.

What is the latest project or improvement the affiliate went through?

Recent improvement project done by FMGL was total renovation of Ablution Block and construction of a new locker room for workers. Besides, renovation and painting workers are constantly undertaken as and when required.

What are the new projects developing?

There are several new projects developing at FMGL. FMGL has embarked on Ghana 2020 project. Ghana 2020 Project consists of the following:

  1. Repairs & Renovation of Feed & Flour mill Silos: Feed & Flour mill Silos require a major repair and rehabilitation since no repairs or renovation has been carried out on these silos since they were built about 5 decades ago. Repairing the cracks and plastering the silos, then the painting will be done after.
  2. Construction of new silos: 3 new steel silos will be built to increase the grain storage capacity.
  3. Installing a new transformer: A new electric transformer will be installed. The current one is about 50 years old.
  4. New Packaging Line: A new fully automatic packaging plant is being bought to replace the one that is broken down and is being used manually. This is part of the strategy to double the current feed production capacity.
  5. Implementation of KAIZEN: FMGL has started implementing Kaizen from July 2018. We have conducted 3 workshops so far and have embarked on 5 different projects to improve operations, productivity, costs, quality control and service.

What was the last social event or gathering you had?

The following two events took place this year at FMGL:

Long Service Award Ceremony: FMGL awarded its workers who had completed 5 years service at the company with gift items and certificates. A function was held at the premises of FMGL. Food and drinks were served to the staff.


In September, FMGL held a barbecue for the workers in appreciation of their hard work. Food and drinks were served to the staff. The staff had a wonderful time.

How is life in this location? Weather, economy, infrastructure, traffic, government, society, etc.

Ghana is regarded as ‘Gateway to Africa’. It attained independence in 1957. Kwame Nkrumah was the first President of Ghana and also the architect of industrialization and infrastructure in Ghana.

Ghana enjoys a relatively strong and stable democracy. Population of Ghana is about 28m, spread across the 10 regions, with Greater Accra region having the highest density.

Ghana’s major income is from export of traditional items such as Cocoa, Gold and Bauxite. Besides, there are also other non-traditional exports consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, Shea Butter etc.

Tema is the major Port city of Ghana about 35 kms from the Capital Accra. The Tema Port was established by Ghana’s first President, Kwame Nkrumah in the 60’s. Tema is also in industrial hub of Ghana. Most of the heavy industries are located in Tema. Tema oil refinery & Volta Aluminum Company (VALCO) is some of the large companies located in Tema. Major roads are generally good in Tema.

Weather in Ghana is hot and humid most of the year. It rains lightly in March and April. Monsoons set in June through August and again list showers in October and November. Harmattan sets in December and weather becomes cold for a few weeks.

Traffic can be very heavy in Tema, especially at office hours in the morning and evening. A lot of trucks are moving on the roads to and from the Port. Major works being undertaken are construction of flyover in Tema Roundabout. Tema Port is also being expanded.

What is special about this location?

This location is strategically built next to the Tema Port. We share the same wall with the Port of Tema. It becomes very easy and convenient to discharge the vessel, since we have a common gate, which is used for the movement of vehicles.

There are a lot of places to see around the affiliate. Notable among them is Akossombo Dam, about 70 kms from Tema, which was built in the early 60’s and supplies power to Ghana and its neighboring countries. Also, worth watching is Ada Lagoon, about 50 kms from Tema. Tema also has an 18-hole golf course.