Location Spotlight: Interra International, LLC

Location Spotlight: Interra International, LLC

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Affiliate: Interra International, LLC

Year Opened: 2000

Products/Services offered by Interra International:

Interra International specializes in facilitating customized trade solutions by providing information and services across twelve product verticals in the global agricultural and food sectors. The six services provided by Interra include: Marketing, Procurement, Risk Management, Supply Chain Logistics, Compliance and Finance. Supported by Interra Trade Management (ITM), our innovative proprietary trade technology, Interra has unique ability to manage our processes from offer to General Ledger and all of our services in between.

Interra’s team is organized in centers of product excellence in three divisions:

  • Proteins: sources and sells fresh and frozen meats (mostly pork and poultry)
  • Commodities: includes Dairy, Sweeteners, Rice, Nuts and Tomato Paste
  • Interra Food Marketing: specializes in importing specialty grocery products to the US

A normal day at Interra International:

We have fourteen locations on five continents, which means that Interra’s office operations are never really closed! Our commercial team sources products from forty-seven countries, and offers products to more than ninety-five. We all know that the sale is only the beginning of the process, and it takes a top-notch logistics and compliance team to deliver world-class service to our customers.  Each transaction is secured by our well-documented credit/risk management processes and our Interra Trade Management (ITM) system.  Our Interra Family runs more smoothly because of the our Risk Management, Human Resources, IT and Accounting teams!

How many employees/collaborators work at Interra International?

About 100 domestic and 140 worldwide.

What are the typical daily challenges Interra International faces?

Due to the international nature of our business, we are affected by new laws and tariffs, other countries’ changes in government, natural disasters, strikes and other such events.

It is essential to monitor the world trade environment, especially as it relates to the USA, where 60% of our goods are sourced. Interra is working diligently to continue diversifying our product origins.

What is the latest project or improvement Interra International went through?

Interra is a TEAM sport, and as such we felt it was important to consolidate the team in one location. This January, we decided to close our Chapel Hill office and offer all 44 employees relocation to Atlanta.  About half accepted, and nearly all of those have moved.  At the same time, to make room for our Chapel Hill employees and future growth, we moved from the 11th floor of our building to a beautiful new suite on the 14th floor.  This is a transition year, but we are very excited about the changes.

Are there any new projects developing in Interra International soon, if so can you provide details about them?

Interra is working on strategic investments in assets which will enhance our trade activities. There are no specific endeavors underway, but this year we have considered two special projects. We expect this to be one of our initiatives over the next ten years. Aside from this effort, we are concentrating on our core business.

We have several strategic efforts underway, including:

  • Interra Food Marketing – efforts in organic products for the US retail industry
  • Interra Proteins Division – strategic relations with Brazilian and EU producers to market goods in Mexico and China
  • Interra Commodities Division – Initiatives in Cashew exports from West Africa, Strategic marketing agreements for Rice exports from the USA, increasing our presence in the US Dairy industry with new hires for purchasing and Latin American Sales, new team members marketing Sugar, Dairy and Rice in West Africa.

What makes Interra International unique or different to others?

Our People, Our Values, Our Vision, Our Mission and our True North. Interra will continue to improve, weather trade disruptions and be a place where the best will come to share their talents. Our team represents 30 countries of origin and 15 languages. We are bound together by our Values: Insisting on Integrity, Striving for Excellence, Promoting the Family and Fostering Cooperation.  Through the dedication to Our Vision to be the Global Leader in Trade and our Mission: The Right Source, The Right Price, The Right Time – Interra Delivers, It is Interra’s greatest desire to achieve our True North, a highly effective team where everyone is achieving their greatest potential!

What was the last social event, gathering, or celebration you had at Interra International? 

Recently, we had an ice cream social where we gathered to enjoy ice cream with all the fixings.  We also frequently have team lunches, potlucks, outings to Atlanta Braves games, etc.  We are proud of our healthy company culture.

How’s life in Atlanta, Georgia? Weather, economy, infrastructure, traffic, government, society, etc.?

Interra is located in North Atlanta.  The area has a temperate climate with warm summers and mild winters.  Atlanta is a booming metropolis with a vibrant economy and is home to some of the most iconic household brand names in America, including Coca-Cola, CNN and The Home Depot.  The city of Atlanta is home to about 5.7 million people—a diverse and growing population.  Infrastructure, including education, is generally good, but traffic can be an issue at times.   Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest in the world, provides access to many destinations important to our business.

What is special about Interra International’s location? Touristic spots or interesting things to see and do, etc.

Come to Atlanta and we’ll show you the best our city has to offer.  Some tourist favorites are the Georgia Aquarium, CNN Center, World of Coca-Cola, the Martin Luther King Center and Centennial Olympic Park.  Atlanta also has a great food and music scene.

Interra’s office is within walking distance of Suntrust Park, the new, world-class stadium that is the home of the Atlanta Braves.

A parting note:  At Interra we have always said, “WE WANT TO BE PRESENT AT EVERY MEAL”! Increased expansion of our product offerings, diversification of our sources, and greater reach to customer countries are all part of the strategy. We cannot achieve this alone, but together with our Seaboard Family, this big dream is possible and even probable. Thank you for welcoming us to the Family. We are proud to share the future with you!