Location Spotlight: Life Flour Mill Ltd. (LFM)


Life Flour Mill limited, an affiliate of Seaboard Overseas Trading Company is located in Sapele, Delta State Nigeria.  The initial installed capacity was 4 X260MT SIMON MILL. Over the years, LFM has replaced two Mills for a 450MT Buhler Mill and at present only one SIMON Mill is operational.


Life Flour Mill Ltd. is located in Delta State, which is an up-river location. Access to the private jetty is draft restricted at 5.9 Meters. The newly built vessels can arrive with 14.000MT on board. We have a storage capacity of 50.000MT, as we recently added a flat storage facility to our 45.000MT Silo storage. Due to the location, LFM operates an in-house transportation fleet as well of nearly 40 trucks.

Year Opened:

The company was incorporated in March 1971 but started actual operation on April 1st, 1973.

Products and Services offered by LFM:

Today Life Flour Mill is known for the top-quality flour, excellent customer service, very fast delivery and high integrity.

A normal day at LFM:

A typical day starts with the Morning shift (6 a.m.-2 p.m.) resuming to start the production for the day. The day before, the Customer Service communicates to the Logistics department the requirement for loading. Depending on the locations, the LFM trucks will be allocated after being checked at LFM auto workshop. Prior to loading, the trucks proceed to fuel station to fill up with the required fuel, depending on the customers’ destination. The lab will have run all checks, test baking and releasing morning production for loading. After proceeding to the loading bays, the trucks will be loaded within 1-2 hours, by hand. Immediately after loading and weighing out, the trucks will proceed to their destinations. LFM delivers with the in-house fleet within 48 hours to all customers after receipt of payment.  All trucks are equipped with a GPS and speed limit devices.  The sales executives in the field with our technical bakers, will visit all customers to provide technical support and collect orders on daily basis.

How many Employees work at LFM?

The company has a workforce of 313 employees/collaborators.

What are the typical daily challenges LFM faces?

Some of the daily challenges faced by the company are related to poor internet, poor road network, inadequate power supply at the homes of the people and the continuous task of fixing the fleet of trucks to ensure prompt delivery of products to customers.

What is the latest project or improvement LFM went through?

LFM has recently started the KAIZEN program, which has been embraced by all employees as the way forward.

Are there any new projects developing at LFM?

The latest project the company is undertaking is improving the perimeter fence to increase the security and access control to the premises. In addition, 14 new trucks have been ordered to replace and increase the in-house fleet of trucks. Fortunately for the staff, two new Staff buses will arrive, which will improve the daily commute from out of town to the industrial estate.

Discussions have started to upgrade the remaining part of the flour mill, as the spare parts for the SIMON Mill are not available anymore. This is LFM’s project for 2020.

How is LFM different or unique?

Life Flour Mill is unique and different from others because of its committed and dedicated workforce, with excellent service and communication.

What was the last event LFM had?

In February 2018 the company organized a very successful customer’s forum, where some of its outstanding customers in 2017 were rewarded with trophies, plaques and gifts.  A new customer forum is planned for June 2019.

How is life in this location? Weather, economy, infrastructure, traffic, government, society etc.

Sapele is located in Delta State (South –South) and is a quiet cosmopolitan town with an area of 450kmsq and a population of 161,686 inhabitants. The weather is between 25 – 30 degrees Celsius with very good sunshine and rainfall. Due to its location in the oil rich Niger Delta, Oil and Gas exploration, saw milling, and rubber processing dominates the economy of Sapele.  The Town has modern infrastructures with light traffic situation and it is administered by the local government authority.

What is special about the affiliate’s location? Touristic spots or interesting things to see and do.

Sapele is a beautiful coastal town surrounded by the Ethiope River, believed to be the deepest inland water way in Africa. It is home to the 1st Golf Club in Nigeria known as the Sapele Athletic Club going back to 1913 and its dotted with good night clubs and hotels for relaxation. Many famous people have played at this Club and just to name a few, Prime Minister of England John Major, President/CEO Seaboard Corporation Steve Bresky and President SOTG Dave Dannov.