Location Spotlight: Minoco

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Affiliate: Minoco

Location: Congo

Year Opened: 2000

Products/Services offered by Minoco: Minoco offers wheat flour.

A normal day at Minoco:​

The production activity in the mill is located in the harbor area and is organized within three shifts.​ The mill is active , running 24 hours per day. The administration premises are three kms away from the mill, which is in the center of town. Also, deliveries and/or shipments are only made during the daily working hours of the mill. Then, the relocation of our head office at the beginning of April was for the satisfaction of our customers and  staff.

How many employees/collaborators work at Minoco?MINOCO_6181.jpg

Minoco has 130 employees and 200 sub-contracted workers.

What are the typical daily challenges that Minoco faces?

We face a few daily challenges  that include: frequent power cut offs from the National Power Company, traffic jams at the port entrance, and heavy rains during the wet season that may stop trucks from performing its loading activity or vessel’s wheat offloading.


Are there any new projects developing at Minoco soon?

​​Minoco production facilities started in 2000 when Seaboard had purchased the assets of the unique ex-state-owned mill, “MAB,” in Congo. Minoco started its activities with a 250 mtd wheat grinding capacity. Then in 2004, an upgrade of their equipment allowed them to achieve a 400 mtd gridning capactiy. The aging mill is utilized at its maximum capacity, and an expansion is needed for Minoco to be able to meet their growing demand. New production equipment will be installed in the upcoming months, and it will raise the global grinding capacity to 660 mtd. Altogether, the project should be finalized in September 2018.

In addition, Minoco has started another major project, due to the growth of the port activities and the extension of the container terminal that was started in 2012. Minoco’s mill and yard is currently enclosed within the middle of the port terminal area. Discussions are being conducted with the Government and Port Authorities, for the relocation of the Minoco production facilities to a new a site on the opposite side of the port. The relocation of Minoco would be a great opportunity for the company to launch a silo complex with 24,000 mt storage facilities, and a brand new mill with a 700 mtd. planshifter 2.JPGgrinding capacity. The erection of the silos will start in the 2nd half of 2018, followed by the building of the new production facilities next year. Currently, the Minoco team is busy with organizing their existing mill capacity expansion.

What makes Minoco unique or different from others?

Minoco produces wheat flour for bakers who make a bread known as, the “French baguette.” There is no demand for maize flour in Congo, and the wheat for preparing the bread is imported, since there is no wheat grown in Congo.

What was the last social event, gathering, or celebration you had a Minoco?Photo1.jpg

Minoco last celebrated the “International Women’s Day.”

After every woman of our team was offered a local loincloth, they all gathered for a meal together at a restaurant in honor of this special occasion.

How’s life in Brazzaville? Weather, economy, infrastructure, traffic, government, society, etc.?

Congo Brazzaville currently has 5.1 million inhabitants with a small market. The official language is French and Brazzavillle is the capital of Congo.

Most of the economy relies on the oil sector; however, the government has been conducting efforts for the revitalization of the Agric sector.

The weather is tropical in the South and equatorial in the North. Overall, it is very humid and hot in Congo, Brazzaville.

The infrastructures have been developed significantly in the past 10 years. Airports and roads have been built and our power supply has been improved, but there is still a lot to be done. There are 1200km between the Atlantic coastline and the North of Congo.

Congo, Brazzaville is currently ranked 179 out of 190 countries in the, “Doing Business” survey report. Something to consider is that even though Congo Brazzaville has faced two civil wars during the 1990’s, the past 20 years have been peaceful, creating a nice environment to live in.

What is special about Minoco’s location? Touristic spots or interesting things to see and do, etc.

Tourism is not really developed in Congo yet, but the country offers a wide variety of landscapes and interesting natural reserves (Conckouati, Odzala.)

Odzala Park: located in North Congo, has a lot of interesting resources.

Conckouati Park: located 130 kms North-west from Pointe-Noire offers some lodging facilities along with nice excursions.

Congo coast: is well-know from tarpon fishing; some fish caught at the mouth of the Kouilou river can exceed 250 lbs.