Location Spotlight: Moderna Alimentos

Affiliate: Moderna Alimentos

Location: Ecuador

Year opened: 2001

Products/Services offered by Moderna: Moderna Alimentos S.A. is one of the most important companies in Ecuador’s manufacturing sector, we produce, retail, and distribute noble, wholesome, high quality foodstuffs to Ecuadorian families.

We import wheat from Canada and the United States as raw materials, acquiring 90 per cent of national wheat production in support of the agricultural sector.

A normal day at Moderna:

Approximately every two months wheat is delivered to the port of Manta, originating from Canada or the USA, which is then loaded onto trucks either arriving at our storage silos or being transported to the Mills at Cayambe and Cajabamba.


In the production process, the wheat goes through each production line starting with the grain cleaning system and subsequently the milling stages, transforming this into flour.  The Manta Plant has the largest milling capacity totalling around 400 tons per day.

This then joins the sack packing system and wholesale system for industrial clients (Nestlé, Oriental or Bimbo).  Finally, the flour goes onto an automatic pallet loading system and is stored in the warehouse, after having passed through quality control filters it is distributed to other locations or clients.

How many employees/collaborators work at Moderna?

We generate direct employment for around 800 people and indirect employment for more than 2000 people, including providers, transporters and service professionals.

What are the typical daily challenges that Moderna faces?

During the first quarter of this year, Moderna Alimentos has been working on promoting the corporate strategy for the next five years.  Improving efficiency in operations has been defined as an objective for 2018 and 2019 on the strategic map.  The heads of the departments, together with their teams, have proposed strategic objectives to achieve this goal through different standpoints, including those pertaining to finance, customers, processing, learning and development, all rooted in corporate values such as performing our duties with a sense of urgency, making more with less and responsibility and empowerment, which enable us to focus on the efficiency and productivity of every single one of our day-to-day activities.

Are there any new projects developing at Moderna soon?

Kaizen is a methodology designed by Toyota that aims to create a culture of continuous improvement.  The implementation of this methodology in our way of working has proven one of the most important projects currently being developed in Moderna.  The adoption and implementation process started around a year ago with internal and external training given to leaders in the Cajabamba, Manta, and Cayambe Milling Plants, together with the Guayaquil Distribution Centre, the Bakery, and the Pasta and Logistics teams over the last few months.  This project is aligned with the Company’s commercial strategy as a tool for achieving efficiency in operations over the next two years and engraining this in our culture.

What makes Moderna unique or different from others? ModernaAlimentos46.JPG

What sets us apart is our company’s vision and culture.  Moderna Alimentos promotes the well-being of the people, only with their loyalty and trust can an innovative,  successful and sustainable business model be obtained. We  are focused on producing and selling real, superior and complete foods. Furthermore, we are a company that grows above Ecuador’s economy. Moderna characterizes by persevering during times of crisis and even using these opportunities to seek improvement.

What was the last social event, gathering, or celebration you had at Moderna?IMG_6150.JPGJQOX8302.JPG

The “Pase del Niño Molinero” (Passing of the Miller Child) parade is a Christmas tradition celebration n Cajabamba, and includes the participation of dance groups from all our plants and distribution centers. This is a folkloric festival, where we rejoice and participate in parading through the streets of the town. There is also a dance competition comprising traditional dances from the diverse regions of Ecuador and around the world, it takes place after the parade within the facilities at the Cajabamba plant.

This festival is an opportunity for all departments and locations to come together to spend time preparing everything needed to put this event together.

How is life in Ecuador? Weather, economy, infrastructure, traffic, government, society, etc.?

Ecuador enjoys great biodiversity. The most recent tourist campaign described the country as, “Four Worlds in One Place”: Highlands, Coast, Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos Islands.

Quito, the country’s capital, is the port of entry for foreign visitors and has the best-preserved historical city centre in Latin America, as well as having won several awards as “Leading Destination of South America”.  Its people are known for being hard working, welcoming and warm.

In 2017, Ecuador elected Lenin Moreno as president, who has distanced himself from the previous government under Rafael Correa, and a few days ago passed a series of economic measures in the country proposing the reduction of the size of the State in order to generate savings, reduce the fiscal deficit and strengthen the private sector as the driving force behind the country’s economic growth.

What is special about the Moderna’s location? Tourist spots or interesting things to see, etc.

Due to its nature as a diverse country, Ecuador has various places of interest to visit.

Galapagos Islands: A world-renowned destination for being one of the most important sources of evidence for Charles Darwin in his Theory of Evolution.  Its charm is due to the huge diversity of plant-life, wildlife, and crystal-clear waters.

Cotopaxi: One of the most beautiful volcanoes in the Andes.  Its surrounding landscape offers routes and areas where visitors can enjoy the Ecuadorian highlands at its best.

Cuenca: One of the most visited cities in the country, surrounded by four rivers whose historical centre was declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Amazon Rainforest: The Amazon region offers an array of activities to connect with nature, enjoy adventure sports and marvel at its amazing landscapes

Baños: This is one of the main tourist locations in Ecuador, situated in the province of Tungurahua which, thanks to its climate and location, welcomes thousands of national and foreign tourists every year.  The town boasts rivers and waterfalls to practice extreme sports, such as rafting and canyoning, and beautiful guest houses with impressive views of the Tungurahua Volcano.