Location Spotlight: Seaboard Bulk Services (SBS)

Location Spotlight: Seaboard Bulk Services (SBS)

Location: Athens, Greece

Affiliate: Seaboard Bulk Services (SBS)

Year Opened: December, 2009

Products/Services offered by Seaboard Bulk Services:

Ship Chartering and Commercial Shipping Services. Seaboard Bulk Services (SBS) is an Athens, Greece-based shipping business specializing in the transportation of bulk agricultural and a large variety of other bulk commodities.

Athens, Greece is a major international shipping center with over 1,000 ship-owning companies and many other related services, like insurance, p&i clubs, brokers, fuel suppliers, ship builders, flag states and legal services. Seaboard Bulk Services is dedicated to serving the Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group in West, South, East and North Africa, South America, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the Pacific Rim.

Seaboard Bulk Services primarily charters vessels out of the third-party freight market for employment within the trade group; however, SBS also assists in chartering out Seaboard’s internally-owned fleet of seven, bulk vessels. Four of these seven vessels are brand new, Eco-friendly, shallow draft vessels built specifically with the draft-restricted African port in mind.

As a global freight trading office, Seaboard Bulk Services, charters between 240-260 vessels per year for the Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group.

Describe a normal day at Seaboard Bulk Services:

As an international freight chartering company, we operate across time zones from Australia, Southeast Asia, Japan to Canada’s West coast, from Latin America to the Eastern coast of the USA/Canada, from Europe and South Africa to East Africa and the Indian sub-continent.

We act as a Seaboard company to ensure high quality, safe and environmentally friendly shipping, competitive, bulk ocean freight pricing and timely, sea transportation schedules to meet Seaboard Overseas Limited’s contractual commitments all while ensuring compliance with the international maritime organization’s highest regulations and common law.

How many employees/collaborators work at Seaboard Bulk Services?

We have a team of six employees.

What the typical daily challenges that Seaboard Bulk Services faces?

  • Future freight pricing is uncertain, it is a dynamic and volatile market.
  • Ensuring sharp freight pricing matching or beating in-house budgets, and ensuring timely transport.
  • Ships are naturally delayed by the seas and port delays.

What is the latest project or improvement Seaboard Bulk Services went through?

We have installed the latest and most accurate marine distance and routing software developed by a team of experts in Greece. It has the capability for live weather forecasting and optimized sailing routing. Also, it integrates links to advanced voyage estimating software, including fuel pricing and port information.

Are there any new projects developing at Seaboard Bulk Services soon?

We are working on long-term charter projects to secure locking into market lows. Also, we are working on integrating the forthcoming 2020 emission controls regulations into Seaboard Oversea Freight forecasting and optimizing.

What makes Seaboard Bulk Services unique or different to others?

SBS is not a profit center. We serve a single, Seaboard Overseas and Trading P&L, and provide freight at cost. Our philosophy is, “OUR WORD IS OUR BOND,” and “WE ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS OUR…NEXT DEAL…”

What was the last social event, gathering, or celebration you had at Seaboard Bulk Services?

Greeks are happy people. I’m originally from Israel but living here now for 12 years can say WE Greeks Celebrate life daily even thru hardships. SBS is a small office, and has gracefully been offered by Gail to share Christmas parties with our IOM office, which is an event we cherish and look forward to every year. We also look forward to the amazing SOTS annual Seminar and Golf day in South Africa.

How’s life in Athens, Greece? Weather, economy, infrastructure, traffic, government, society, etc.?

Greece is the land of sea, sun and beautiful islands. The country has been through a prolonged recession, which it is now in the process of recovering from it. Greece is part of the European Union, and life here is a blend of Europe with a dominant Mediterranean influence.

What is special about the affiliate’s location? Touristic spots or interesting things to see and do, etc.

The beautiful mainland and islands are well-known as touristic attraction, both for Greek history and vacationing.

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