Location Spotlight: Seaboard Special Crops – Regina

Location Spotlight: Seaboard Special Crops – Regina

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Affiliate: Seaboard Special Crops – Regina

Year Opened: Became part of Seaboard family in 2011

Products/Services offered by Seaboard Special Crops – Regina:

Our office is located in the heart of Canada’s pulse and special crop production region. We facilitate procuring, shipping and marketing of field peas, lentils, flax, canary seed, mustard, chickpeas, soybeans and canola. Seaboard Special Crops Regina is well positioned for both origination and trade.

Our motto, “Local Focus, Global Reach” describes our activities in the Special Crops industry well. We establish lasting and productive relationships with growers, processors and transportation companies while building strong relationships with traders and consumers worldwide.

Describe a normal day at Seaboard Special Crops – Regina:

The main focus of our Marketing team in the Regina office is to connect special crops and oil seeds buyers and sellers and find a margin in-between doing so. The main activities of this team, includes heavy communication between growers, third-party processors, brokers country buyers and traders to get a feel for the market and find opportunities. Not only does this team need to know what is occurring in their micro-market, they need to be on top of the major global events that shift the macro-market and cause a trickle-down effect to our business. While their main focus is buying low and selling high, they also need to know their position (purchases vs. sales) for each commodity and quality in order to manager their decisions properly.

The Regina Logistics team interacts with many other groups in the company. Our focus is finding the most efficient method of shipment at the most cost-effective rate to ensure the product is delivered from supplier to port in a timely manner. As well as, being delivered in sound quality and condition. To achieve this, the Logistics team must understand and coordinate with procurement, the allocation of inventory at the warehouses all while sharing information and communicating to strengthen relationships with our team members and customers. The environment is very time sensitive, and this team needs to be flexible to respond to quickly shifting demands by the customers in an ever-changing market.

Daily, our Finance team is performing accounts payable, accounts receivable and cash management functions, receiving, reconciling and analyzing inventory, preparing account reconciliations and remittances to government and other regulatory agencies. Month-ends and quarter-ends are a primary focus with corporate and local initiatives adding to the mix.

How many employees work in the office?

We currently have nine employees made up to three teams: Marketing, Logistics and Finance. Our office is designed with an open space, which encourages employees to interact and solve problems as a team.


What are the typical daily challenges Seaboard Special Crops – Regina faces?

Some challenges that we face currently, include increased competition in the Pulse sector, along with low prices and increased tariffs in other countries putting downward pressure on commodity pricing. Producers are also continuing to wait out the markets in hopes of better pricing which limits supply.

What makes Seaboard Special Crops – Regina unique or different to others?

Seaboard Special Crops – Regina is unique as we have a global reach to markets some competing traders do not. We have a great innovative group of employees who are continuously trying to improve processes and aid in the profitability of Seaboard.

What was the last social event, gathering, or celebration you had?

Our most recent social event was our annual Seaboard Special Crops Regina golf event that took place in June 2018. The weather didn’t fully cooperate, but it was still a great afternoon of sub-par golfing.


How’s life in Saskatchewan, Canada? Weather, economy, infrastructure, traffic, government, society, etc.?

Saskatchewan is a prairie province in Western Canada, and our head office is located in Regina which is the capital city of Saskatchewan. Our province has highly unpredictable weather at times, but the average summer temperature is around 20°C, and the average winter temperature is roughly -15°C. We do however hit highs in the summer of 30-35°C, and lows in the winter that drop below -40°C, so predicting the weather is nearly impossible in this part of Canada.

Economically, Saskatchewan has always been heavily dependent on the exportation of our agricultural and mineral products. Agriculture is the largest single industry in Saskatchewan, but mining, and energy also contribute a large part to our economy. Saskatchewan is Canada’s second largest oil producing province, and is the world’s largest potash producer with many potash mines located throughout the Southern half of the province.

What is special about the Seaboard Special Crops Regina’s location? Touristic spots or interesting things to see and do, etc.

The Canadian Football League is very popular in Saskatchewan, and within the last few years a new stadium was built in Regina as the home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. On game days it is not uncommon for the vast majority of the population of Regina to be dressed in green and white ready to cheer on the home team.

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Saskatchewan is also known as the “land of the living skies” and boasts some of the most amazing sunsets and landscapes in the country.

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