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Eurogerm South Africa (Pty) Ltd.


4-6 Umdoni Crescent, Unit 8 Tilt up Park, Mahogany Ridge, Durban 3610, SOUTH AFRICA

Phone Number:

27 31 825 4533

Email Address:

[email protected]

Year Opened


Packages Offered

Ingredients for Flour Milling and Baking

Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group

Eurogerm South Africa (Pty.) Ltd. is an Ingredients company that caters to the milling and baking industries.

Products and services include flour correctors, bread improvers, premixes and technical assistance to customers.

Our Vision

We are convinced that everyone, whether individuals or companies, has a role to play in meeting the great challenges of our time. At our level, we want to have a beneficial impact by designing ever more healthy, innovative and tasty products. Attentive to the origin and quality of the ingredients, in a permanent quest for excellence, both in terms of processes and human relations, we act day after day for the well-being of everyone.

Our Mission

To help our customers, through our product / service offer, to develop products that are a source of consumer pleasure and satisfaction.