Mustafa Kocaçelebi, Finance Manager at Bag Yaglari & Bagin

How long have you been employed at SOTG?

I have been with the Bag Yaglari Group since May 1960.

What is your history/career path prior to SOTG?

Bag Yaglari Group is my first employer and will be the last.



What are your current responsibilities?

I have following responsibilities as a finance manager;

  • Making payments to vendors
  • Monitoring collections from customers
  • Supporting customs consultancy with all necessary documents for exports and imports
  • All other operations with government agencies

What do you enjoy most about working for SOTG?

I was only 16 when I joined to Group. I grew up in an amazing company with an amazing people.  I always pride of being a member of this family.

It’s already 60 years now…. quite a long time. I have nearly spent all my life here. I had many troubles as well as happiness and I shared all these with this big family. I have always felt the support of Bag Group. I worked hard, spent nights at the office, but always have felt confident and good. It’s not important what type of job you have, you should see your office as your second home and you shouldn’t feel compelled to go your work. When leaving at night you should feel pleased to have your job.

 What’s your favorite story/memory about working for SOTG?

60 years is full of memories and stories and it’s hard to put any of them forward. But, I can say that I was very proud when our company was given award by the state for the highest tax payment in Aegean Region in 2013.

What important values do you think Bag Yaglari & Bagin delivers on?

As a leading seed crushing company in the market, the group has set up long-term powerful relationships with both customers and suppliers. Goods produced are high quality and company values customer satisfactions, which comes out with strong reliability in the market.

What surprised you most about the job or its location?

Not surprised, but I am proud of working in a company celebrating 90 years already and witnessing it growing strongly and transforming day-by-day. The new investment completed contributed the company to increase its crushing capacity and production efficiency. In addition, new IT tools were adopted to the Finance department and makes our daily operations easier.

How do you spend your free time? What do you like to do in the city where you live?

I used to be certified soccer player in the past. I like watching Turkish Soccer League matches. I try to exercise on the weekends.