Vegetable Oils– An oil derived from plants, e.g. rapeseed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, soy oil

Sorghum/Milo- A highly drought-resistant crop which is grown in many areas of the world – often less expensive than yellow corn. The level of tannins in sorghum limit its use in poultry diets. However, tannin-free varieties are now available, and as a result, sorghum can be substituted for corn in poultry diets with only minor changes in the amounts of other ingredients.

Oats- Normally have almost 90 percent of the energy value of barley and contain more fiber than barley or corn. They can vary considerably in protein, fiber and energy.

Barley- This cereal, commonly used in poultry diets, is an early-maturing crop that offers agronomic advantages when used in crop rotation. Barley is considered a medium-energy grain. It has a low starch content and a high fiber content.