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Commodity Trading & Marketing Offices

Seaboard Overseas Limited – Trading Headquarters

DouglasIsle of ManWheat, Corn, Soybean Meal, Feed Ingredients, DDG's and Specialty Grains44 1624 720950

Seaboard Overseas Colombia Limitada

BogotaColombiaWheat, Corn, Oil Seeds, Feed Ingredients, Specialty Grains and Oats Among Others57 1 312 2624

Seaboard Overseas (Kenya) Limited

MombasaKenyaWheat, Corn, Soybean Meal, Feed Ingredients, DDG's and Specialty Grains254 41 447 1003

Seaboard Overseas Limited (Korea Branch)

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South KoreaSouth KoreaCrude Degummed Soybean Oil, Crude Super Degummed Canola Oil, RBD Palm products, RBD Palm shortening, Specialty Oils, Foods Ingredients and Bio Fuel, Dairy Products82 2 546 4738

Seaboard Overseas Trading and Shipping

DurbanSouth AfricaWheat, Corn, Soybean Meal, Feed Ingredients, DDG's and Specialty Grains2731 581 4500

Seaboard Special Crops – Head Office

MorrisvilleUSAPeas, Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas, Canary Seed, Mustard, Millet, Flax984 260 9200

Seaboard Special Crops – Regina, Canada

Regina, SaskatchewanCanadaPeas, Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas, Canary Seed, Mustard, Millet and Flax306 565 3904

Seaboard Bulk Services, Ltd.

AthensGreeceShip Chartering, Commercial Shipping Services30 210 8949220

Interra International

Atlanta, GAUSAPork, Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Dairy, Rice, Sugar, Grains, Nuts, Tomato Ingredients, Feed Ingredients and Retail Consumer Package Goods770 612 8101

InterAfrica Grains (Pty.) Ltd.

JohannesburgSouth AfricaWheat, Corn, Soybean Meal and Fertilizer Trading27 11 958 1291

Plum Grove PTY Ltd.

PerthAustraliaWheat Origination, Export, Pulse Processing and Grain Pool Management61 8 9435 1022

Zalar Holding

CasablancaMoroccoGrain Trading, Animal Feed, Hatchery, Broiler, Slaughtering and Meat Processing+212 (0) 5 22 33 15 42
Grains & Oil Seeds Processing

Bag Yaglari Sanayi Ve Ticaret T.A.S.

IzmirTurkeyOilseed crushing, vegetable oil, meal, hulls, linters90 232 463 88 68

Belarina Alimentos S.A.

Sao PauloBrazilWheat Flour, Pasta11 4058 4500

Bolux Milling (Pty.) Limited

RamotswaBotswanaWheat Flour, Maize Meal and Pasta267 539 0275

Compania Industrial de Productos Agropecuarios S.A. (CIPA)

MedellinColombiaAnimal Feeds, Hog Production57 4 520 0950

ContiLatin del Peru S.A. (CLDP)

LimaPeruAnimal Feeds, Oilseed Crushing511 377 7030

Eurogerm South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

DurbanSouth AfricaIngredients for Flour Milling and Baking27 31 825 4533

Fairfield Rice Inc.

GeorgetownGuyanaRice Processing592 227 3344

Flour Mills of Ghana Ltd. (FMG)

TemaGhanaWheat Flour, Animal Feeds, Corn and Soybean Meal+233 50 40 12 000 / +223 56 00 27 326

Gambia Milling Corporation (GMC)

BanjulGambiaWheat Flour, Animal Feeds220 610 0101

Jamaica Grains and Cereals Limited

KingstonJamaicaMiracle Refined Cornmeal, Whole-meal, Bakers' Grits, Brewers' Grits, Cracked Corn and Hominy Corn1876 922 1220

Lesotho Flour Mills, Limited

MaseruLesothoWheat Flour, Maize Meal, Animal Feeds, Sugar Distribution266 22 313 498

Les Grands Moulins d’Abidjan (GMA)

AbidjanIvory CoastWheat Flour, Wheat Bran and Animal Feed+225 21 21 74 00

Les Grands Moulins de Dakar (GMD)

DakarSenegalBread Flour, Pastry Flour and Animal Feed+221 33 839 97 97

Les Moulins d’ Haiti, S.E.M. (LMH)

LafiteauHaitiWheat Flour509 3333 5990 / 509 2813 0120

Les Grands Moulins de Mauritanie (GMM)

NouakchottMauritaniaFood Products (Flour and Long Pasta), Animal Feeding, Provision of Services and Trading + (222) 45 29 07 88

Life Flour Mill, Limited

SapeleNigeriaPremium Life Wheat Flour, Soft Wheat Flour, Whole Wheat Flour and All Purpose Flour234 803 962 0194

Minoterie du Congo S.A. (Minoco)

Pointe-NoireRepublic of CongoWheat Flour 242 294 3707

Minoterie de Matadi S.A. (Midema)

KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the CongoSpecial Flour, Cake Flour and Industrial Bakery Flour243 81 555 8000

Moderna Alimentos S.A.

QuitoEcuadorWheat Flour, Pasta and Bakery Products593 2 2985100

Molinos Champion S.A. (Mochasa)

GuayaquilEcuadorAnimal Feeds, Hog Production593 4 600 2840

Molinos Tres Castillos (M3C)

CartagenaColombiaWheat Flour57 (5) 662 5027

National Milling Company of Guyana, Inc. (NAMILCO)

GeorgetownGuyana Wheat Flour592 233 2463

National Milling Corporation Limited (NAMILCO)

Lusaka ZambiaWheat Flour, Maize Meal, Animal Feeds, Oilseed Crushing, Bakery Products, and General Food Distribution260 211 229548

Paramount Mills (Pty.) Ltd.

East LondonSouth AfricaWheat Flour, Maize Meal and Biscuits27 43 731 2444

Premier Feed Mill Company, Ltd.

IbadanNigeriaAnimal Feeds

RussellStone Protein (Pty) Ltd.

BronkhosrtspruitSouth AfricaOilseed Crushing012 941 1586

Seaboard Special Crops – Avonlea, Canada

Avonlea, SaskatchewanCanadaPeas, Beans, Lentils and Chickpeas306 868 4488

Seaboard Special Crops – Fillmore, Canada

Fillmore, SaskatchewanCanadaPeas, Beans, Lentils, Chickpeas, Canary Seed, Mustard, Millet, Flax306 722 3353

Unga Holdings Limited

NairobiKenyaWheat Flour, Maize Meal, Porridges, Pulses, Bakery Products, Animal Feeds and Animal Health Products254 722 205 353

Unga Millers (U) Limited (UMUL)

KampalaUgandaWheat Flour and Animal Health Products006 414 285 830

Seaboard Overseas Trading Group (SOTG)

Kansas CityUSADivision Headquarters913 677 5200

Beira Grain Terminal

BeiraMozambiqueGrain Terminal for Import/Export of Commodities258 84 303 9203

Gloridge Bakery (Pty.) Ltd.

JohannesburgSouth AfricaFresh Bread, Rolls, Cakes, Pies, Other Bakery Items, Flour Distribution27 11 699 0240

Societe Africaine de Developpement Industriel Alimentaire (SADIA)

KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)Baguettes, Loaf Bread, Bread Rolls+243 8 1234 8888

Stewart Southern Railway Inc.

Fillmore, SaskatchewanCanadaShortline Railway306 722 0000