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Commodity Trading

Seaboard Overseas Limited (SOL IOM) – Trading Headquarters

Isle of ManUnited KingdomWheat, corn, soybean meal, feed ingredients, DDG's, specialty grains44-1624-720950

Seaboard Overseas Colombia Limitada (SOL Colombia)

BogotaColombiaWheat, corn, oil seeds, feed ingredients, specialty grains, and oats amongst others57 1 3122624

Seaboard Overseas Limited (SOL Ecuador)

GuayaquilEcuadorWheat, corn, soybean meal, feed ingredients, DDG's, specialty grains593-4-600-2270

Seaboard Overseas Limited (SOL Kenya)

MombasaKenyaWheat, corn, soybean meal, feed ingredients, DDG's, specialty grains254-41-4471003

Seaboard Overseas Limited (SOL Singapore)

SingaporeSingaporeWheat, corn, soybean meal, feed ingredients, DDG's, specialty grains65-6222-3151

Seaboard Overseas Trading and Shipping

DurbanSouth AfricaWheat, corn, soybean meal, feed ingredients, DDG's, specialty grains 2731-581-4500

Seaboard Special Crops – Head Office

Chapel HillUSAPeas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, canary seed, mustard, millet, flax919-338-3208

Seaboard Special Crops – Avonlea, Canada

Avonlea, SaskatchewanCanadaPeas, beans, lentils, chickpeas306-868-4488

Seaboard Special Crops – Regina, Canada

Regina, SaskatchewanCanadaPeas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, canary seed, mustard, millet, flax306-565-3904

Seaboard Special Crops – Fillmore, Canada

Fillmore, SaskatchewanCanadaPeas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, canary seed, mustard, millet, flax306-722-3353

Seaboard Bulk Services, Ltd.

AthensGreeceShip chartering, commercial shipping services30-210-8949220

Interra International

Atlanta, GAUSAPork, Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Dairy, Rice, Sugar, Grains, Nuts, Tomato Paste and Retail Consumer Package Goods770-612-8101

Interra International

Chapel Hill, North CarolinaUSAPork, Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Dairy, Rice, Sugar, Grains, Nuts, Tomato Paste and Retail Consumer Package Goods919-933-7400

InterAfrica Grains (Pty.) Ltd.

JohannesburgSouth AfricaWheat, corn, soybean meal and fertilizer trading27-11-958-1291

Plum Grove PTY Ltd.

PerthAustraliaWheat origination, export, pulse processing, grain pool management61-8- 9435-1022

Zalar Holding

CasablancaMoroccograin trading, animal feed, hatchery, broiler, slaughtering & meat processing+212 (0) 5 22 33 15 42
Grains & Oil Seeds Processing

Bag Yaglari Sanayi Ve Ticaret T.A.S.

IzmirTurkeyOilseed crushing, vegetable oil, meal, hulls, linters90 232 463 88 68

Belarina Alimentos S.A.

Sao PauloBrazilWheat flour, pasta11-4058-4500

Bolux Milling (Pty.) Limited

RamotswaBotswanaWheat flour, maize meal, pasta267-539-0275

Compania Industrial de Productos Agropecuarios S.A. (CIPA)

MedellinColombiaAnimal feeds, hog production57-4-5200950

ContiLatin del Peru S.A. (CLDP)

LimaPeruAnimal feeds, oilseed crushing5113777030

Eurogerm South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

DurbanSouth AfricaIngredients for flour milling and baking27-31-825-4533

Fairfield Rice Inc.

GeorgetownGuyanaRice processing592-227-3344

Flour Mills of Ghana Ltd. (FMG)

TemaGhanaWheat flour, animal feeds, corn and soybean meal233-24-8640004

Gambia Milling Corporation (GMC)

BanjulThe GambiaWheat flour, animal feeds2206100101

Jamaica Grains and Cereals Limited


Lesotho Flour Mills, Limited

MaseruLesothoWheat flour, maize meal, animal feeds, sugar distribution266-22-313-498

Les Grands Moulins d’Abidjan (GMA)

AbidjanIvory Coast+225 21 21 74 00

Les Grands Moulins de Dakar (GMD)

DakarSenegal+221 33 839 97 97

Les Moulins d’ Haiti, S.E.M. (LMH)

LafiteauHaitiWheat flour509-2813-0111

Les Grands Moulins de Mauritanie (GMM)

NouakchottMauritania + (222) 45 29 07 88

Life Flour Mill, Limited

SapeleNigeriaWheat flour 234-803-962-0194

Minoterie du Congo S.A. (Minoco)

Pointe-NoireRepublic of CongoWheat flour 242-294-3707

Minoterie de Matadi S.A. (Midema)

KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the CongoSpecial flour, cake flour, industrial bakery flour243-81-555-8000

Moderna Alimentos S.A.

QuitoEcuadorWheat flour, pasta, bakery products593 2 2985100

Molinos Champion S.A. (Mochasa)

GuayaquilEcuadorAnimal feeds, hog production593-4-600-2840

Molinos Tres Castillos (M3C)

CartagenaColombiaWheat flour57 (5) 662 5027

National Milling Company of Guyana, Inc. (NAMILCO)

GeorgetownGuyana Wheat flour592-233-2463

National Milling Corporation Limited (NAMILCO)

Lusaka ZambiaWheat flour, maize meal, animal feeds, oilseed crushing, bakery products, general food distribution260-211-229548

Paramount Mills (Pty.) Ltd.

East LondonSouth AfricaWheat flour, maize meal, biscuits27-43-731-2444

Premier Feed Mill Company, Ltd.

IbadanNigeriaAnimal feeds

RussellStone Protein (Pty) Ltd.

BronkhosrtspruitSouth AfricaOilseed crushing012-941-1586

Unga Holdings Limited

NairobiKenyaWheat flour, maize meal, porridges, pulses, bakery products, animal feeds, animal health products254-722-205-353

Unga Millers (U) Limited (UMUL)

KampalaUgandaWheat flour, animal health products006 414 285 830

Seaboard Overseas Trading Group (SOTG)

Kansas CityUSADivision headquarters913-677-5200

Seaboard Overseas Management Company (SOMC)

Johannesburg South AfricaRegional management office27-11-467-2345

Beira Grain Terminal

BeiraMozambiqueGrain terminal for import/export of commodities258 843039203

Gloridge Bakery (Pty.) Ltd.

JohannesburgSouth AfricaFresh bread, rolls, cakes, pies, other bakery items, flour distribution27-11-699-0240

Societe Africaine de Developpement Industriel Alimentaire (SADIA)

KinshasaDemocratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)Baguettes, loaf bread, bread rolls+243-8-1234-8888

Stewart Southern Railway Inc.

Fillmore, SaskatchewanCanadaShortline railway306-722-0000