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Explore open positions in 40+ operations that span across Africa, South America, North America & The Caribbean. 

About Us

Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group is a global agricultural commodity and trading company with vertically integrated grain processing and trading offices throughout the African, South American and Caribbean markets. Primary commodities sourced and traded included wheat, corn, soybean meal, mill feed, rice, pulses, milk products, sugar, food oils and other protein meals. Our company sources, transports and markets over 13 million tons of commodities each year.

We are looking for hard working, autonomous professionals. Our company promotes a collaborative and free-thinking culture that empowers our employees to think outside the box with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you have a strong value system, excellent judgment and unwavering integrity, we invite you to check us out!

Our opportunities are designed for the few select individuals that have a passion for working for a large multinational company. We enjoy the challenges that come with operating a successful business with operations around the world. Our team is made up of talented individuals from all over the world that bring a unique blend of qualifications and experience to our business. We are seeking highly motivated individuals to join our global team and make the most of their career goals!

Why Join Us?

Are you bi-lingual? Are you self-motivated, confident and willing to take the initiative to get things done? Are you looking for an opportunity that will provide you with that next challenge? Do you have an interest in working internationally in the agribusiness sector?

Do you have what it takes?

Seaboard Overseas is continuously looking for qualified candidates in our milling operations sector. If you have the following qualifications, we encourage you to explore opportunities with us:

  • Degree in Milling Science from an accredited university
  • 5+ years’ experience managing grain milling operations
  • Technical knowledge of specific agricultural commodities
  • Experience working for a multinational company, preferably in West Africa
  • Bi-lingual (French, English)
  • Willingness to relocate to a hardship location
  • We encourage you to visit our website at for a complete list of our current opportunities. Please submit your CV/resume in English.

Job Title: General Manager                                         

Location: Africa

Reports To: Managing Director    

Job Type: Expatriate                                                                   

General Purpose

  • The position of General Manager oversees all aspects of the business and reports to an externally based Managing Director.
  • Deliver corporate performance daily in conjunction with all heads of department within the company

Key Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Daily reporting on all activities of the company.
  • Communicate regularly with head office.
  • Prepare and follow approved strategic business plan.
  • Implement cost/profit centre budget targets.
  • Monitoring and reporting of actual performance vs budget.
  • Prepare end of year company projections for all aspects of the company.
  • In coordination with Admin Manager – oversee labour negotiations and all employee relations.
  • Responsible for the health and safety of all staff members.
  • Oversee all company procurement procedures.
  • In coordination with the Finance Manager oversee all financial aspects of the company.
  • In coordination with Production Managers – oversee all aspects of production.
  • Prepare proposals for new projects and capital expenditure and implement approved projects and capital expenditure.
  • In coordination with Sales Manager – oversee all aspects of sales and distribution.
  • Visit and develop relationships with key customers.
  • In coordination with in house legal counsel and lawyers on retainer – follow up on all court cases in process. In addition to defensive action propose and implement
  • approved offensive court cases.
  • Maintain strict cost control over all aspects of the business – proposing improvements where applicable.
  • Make sales suggestions for improvement and note achievements.
  • Liaise with government contacts
  • Uphold, safeguard and promote the company’s values and philosophy relating particularly to ethics, integrity and corporate responsibility.
  • The responsibilities outlined in this job description are not a comprehensive list; additional tasks may be assigned to the employee from time to time.

Education & Experience

  • 15+ years’ experience managing commercial, industrial or logistical operations in Africa
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience working in Africa
  • Experience working for a multinational company
  • Fluent in French and English.
  • Must have a thorough understanding of financial operations.
  • Obtain excellent communication skills.
  • Obtain excellent organizational skills

Working Environment/Conditions

  • Must be in good physical health due to physical remoteness of location and operations.
  • Expatriate must be able to operate outside normal comfort zone at times.
  • Travel regularly to the various points of production.