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The Operations Manager will have direct technical responsibility for Les Grands Moulins De Mauritania activities in Nouakchott or elsewhere as required.  Leadership to proactively manage the production facilities and the people in the department in order to achieve the key performance indicators.  Achieve efficiency through good analysis, strategic planning and dedicated to hard work.  Creatively develop the annual production goals and strategy into a technical plan for the coming years. Implement the approved technical plan.


Main Objectives

  • Manage the Flour Mill, Pasta Plants, Wheat bagging, and Animal Feed operations:
  • Production both Quantitative and Qualitative
  • Maintenance and Repairs – Preventative and Unscheduled
  • Production Personnel
  • Cost analysis and cost control


  • Verify the production quality parameters conform to the adopted standards
  • Production through put volumes, yields and extraction rates
  • Production planning to meet sales volumes and quality requirements
  • Organize vessel discharging operations and provide KPI and material balance when finished.
  • Monitor closely all raw material operations (bulk sales, bag sales, wheat lending and returns…)
  • Communicate regularly in a consensus building way with the mill management to assist where necessary in all mill issues.
  • Implementation of Production reports and BI reports
  • All the raw material silos, warehouses, and other storage areas.
  • All finished product controls and storage.
  • Use the BI reports to identify areas for improved efficiency
  • Develop daily and weekly objectives for each section of the technical departments.
  • Overall responsibility for the performance and maintenance of the production operations.
  • Overall responsibility for the efficiency of the operations personnel.
  • Overall responsibility for developing and implementing operational best practices.


  • Maintain, develop, and apply a preventative maintenance plan with the main goal to limit emergency maintenance and downtime.
  • Improve general conditions of the maintenance service
  • Keep ship discharge and loading facilities at optimal level allowing full efficiency for all ship unloading/loading operations.
  • Responsible for the security and hygiene standards in all the installations of the company as per the local and the Seaboard standards.
  • Responsible for the integrated pest management strategy and supervision of the pest control measures

Quality Control Final products and raw materials

  • Determine standard for types of products being produced and ensure that the production is producing as per the standard.
  • Prepare monthly cumulative reports that will compare the actual production results to the approved standards.
  • Control raw materials including wheat, maize, bran, additives, packaging, spare parts, fuel and other supplies.
  • Achieve the finishes of the PLC migration projects of flourmill and silos.

Cost Control

  • Analyze the cost per unit of production and proactively ensure that all maintenance and repairs are completed in a timely way.
  • Control of packaging, raw materials, additives, spare parts, fuel, water and tools inventory and stock.
  • Responsible for the order and control of inventory of goods and items for the operation of the production facility.


  • Ensure the safety of the plant, people, and the product with a detailed safety plan.

Technical Training

  • Oversee technical training of key staff in each department through proposing new areas and methods of study.
  • Maintain quality standards as per quality specification of each product being produced.
  • Rationalize total cost of production through advice on raw material selection and appropriate correction and improving.
  • Keep the feeds formulation up to date to ensure optimum cost/quality formulas.


  • Prepare detailed project plans to implement all approved projects and follow up on the implementation on time and within budget.
  • Prepare proposals for approval
  • Execute the approved Capex, meeting the set objectives and budget, while ensuring safety.
  • Supervise the commissioning of the new feed mill process and implement a new organization of the operations to reach the optimum utilization.


  • Maintain the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Semi-Annual Operations/Industrial Reports
  • Assist the finance department in the preparation of AR’s for implementation into the AR system.
  • Address other organizational issues and tasks from time to time as necessary.

Management Team

  • Work hand in hand with the other members of the management team in order to ensure customer satisfaction and on time deliveries.
  • Continuous looking for new and better methods to improve the overall operation and its efficiency.
  • Implement and improve Seaboard Corporate Operation manual policies.
  • Present daily reports to the local management team in particular accurate the timely reports to the finance department.


  • Appropriate higher level technical degree from a recognized University or Technical School


  • 10+ year grain milling experience as chief miller or flour mill operations manager.
  • Experience in Pasta production
  • Experience in Animal Feeds Production
  • Managed a diverse work force for at least 5 years.
  • Experience with HACCP and ISO 22000 principles and application
  • Experience with wheat and flour analysis including the ability to interpret flour and dough analyses relative to end-product impact.
  • Experience with feeds analysis to monitor quality of the raw material and finished products
  • Experience with operational handling of grain ports
  • Familiarity with a wide variety of flour quality required for bakery products to include baguettes, pan bread, buns, rolls, cakes, biscuits, and flat breads.
  • Experience working in developing countries preferred.


  • French required
  • English required