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Compania Industrial de Productos Agropecuarios S.A. (CIPA)


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Balanced Animal Feed, Hog Production and Genetics Technology

Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group

Company Overview

About CIPA

CIPA S.A. was founded on March 4, 1968, as a company dedicated to the production of balanced feed for animals and mineralized salts for livestock. Currently, after more than 54 years of sustained growth, it participates in providing nutrition, development, and well-being to the livestock sector, diversifying into four business units: Balanced Feed, Genetic Technology, Livestock Production, and Pets.

Company History

  • Company creation: March 4, 1968
  • First production mill at Bello, Colombia: 1978
  • Second production mill at Cartago, Colombia: 1996
  • Strategic partnership with Seaboard Corp: 2010
  • Start of hog meat production business: 2013
  • Third production mill at Mosquera, Colombia: 2016
  • Creation of new DanBred swine genetics unit: 2019

Our Mission

At CIPA, we understand that nutrition is not simply feeding; it is a passion that carries with it the responsibility to ensure that each product offers the best for animal welfare. The health and vitality of animals not only depend on a balanced diet, but on nutrition designed with dedication and knowledge. Our commitment is to provide food that enriches the life of each animal, allowing them to reach their full potential and live fully.

A sustainable future is not an option; it is an obligation. In a world where resources are finite, we strive to be leaders in sustainable and responsible practices. From the selection of our ingredients to our production processes, every decision is made with the impact on our planet in mind. By choosing CIPA, our customers are choosing a path that promotes a balance between nature and nutrition.

Finally, we recognize that behind every product there is a special relationship between an animal and its owner. Animals enrich our lives in unimaginable ways and deserve the best we can offer them. By nourishing animals with quality products, we are strengthening and prolonging those unique and special connections that form between humans and animals. At CIPA, we don’t just feed bodies; we nurture ties.

Our Vision

CIPA S.A., dedicated to nutrition, production of proteins of animal origin, and swine genetic technology, designs, produces and markets balanced foods for all livestock species and pet nutrition.

Senior management, committed to CIPA’s Comprehensive Management System (CMS), guides its strategy on timely attention, good service, quality and safety of its products, and continuous improvement of its processes and production models. They seek optimal performance, satisfaction of the needs and expectations of their interest groups, effective communication with them, and the development of skills of their collaborators.

We promote a culture of safe work and environmental protection by assuming commitments to the health and well-being of our staff. We control the environmental impact of our activity through safe work spaces and the efficient use of natural resources, preventing accidents and pollution.

Within its framework of action, all our activity is based on compliance with current legal regulations, corporate requirements, and other applicable standards. This is supported by training processes and risk management, with the objective of being a company in permanent growth in a profitable and competitive manner.

Our Values

Love: We carry out our work with passion and enthusiasm, making it a lifestyle.

Gratitude: We enrich our work with everyone’s contributions, committing to general objectives and customer satisfaction.

Teamwork: We enhance our work through everyone’s contributions, committing to shared goals and customer satisfaction.

Service: We collaborate to meet the needs of others, benefiting society.

Integrity: We act in accordance with our values, promoting transparency in business and personal relationships.

Respect: We value differences as the foundation of family and business relationships, maintaining a healthy and productive work environment.