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Minoterie de Matadi S.A. (Midema)


Ave de la Mongala No. 13, B.P. 11497, Gombe, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Phone Number:

243 81 555 8000

Year Opened


Packages Offered

Special Flour, Cake Flour and Industrial Bakery Flour

Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group

Minoterie de Matadi offers a full range of flour which serves a variety of needs for customers.  Our products include: Special flour, long conservation flour, complete flour, break flour, patisserie flour, cake flour, industrial bakery flour, etc. for bakeries.  We also produce Patisserie flour which is specially developed to make bread and patisserie at home for consumers.

sotg-A5 Merci Midema-02We are an organization that delivers on the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders by living these core values:

  • Self Responsibility:  Every one of us is a leader. We take pride, set the right example and hold ourselves accountable for achieving our individual and collective goals. We take responsibility for our own success and setbacks. We celebrate success and see setbacks as an opportunity for growth and improvement.
  • Trust:  We build trust by honoring our commitments to one other and by communicating actively and openly.
  • Respect:  We treat each and every person with respect and value the diversity they bring to the company.
  • Integrity:  We are fair and honest in all our interactions with one another; we earn our reputation by adhering to the highest moral and ethical standards.
  • Innovation:  We are a learning organization, constantly looking for ways to improve. We embrace creativity, change and opportunity; deliver innovative solutions to the market place and will take informed, responsible risk.
  • Continual Improvement:  We develop in our people the ability to continually improve our processes, products and services.
  • Teamwork:   Our success is dependent on the collective energy, expertise and intellect of our team members. We foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability. We strive to create a work environment where team spirit enables motivated team members to flourish and succeed to their highest potential.


Our Vision

We aim to retain and improve our brands and corporate image; We are focused on improving our product delivery and customer service; We want to be the lowest cost and most highly efficient manufacturer; We want to be innovative creators and producers of integrated new products; We want to consistently maximize and contribute results to SOTG and local shareholders.

Our Mission

We are an agro processing affiliate of Seaboard; We operate in the DRC and serve consumers in the Bas Congo, greater Kinshasa region and in the up river interior of the country; We manufacture and distribute a range of wheat/maize based products focused on bakery and household customer demand/needs; We are the market leader in the wheat flour industry offering products of high quality and value.