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Seaboard Overseas Colombia SAS


Carrera 11 No. 77A-49 Oficina 902. Edificio Semana

Phone Number:

57 601 312 2624

Email Address:

[email protected]

Year Opened


Packages Offered

Wheat, Corn, Oil Seeds, Feed Ingredients, Specialty Grains and Oats Among Others

Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group

Seaboard Overseas Colombia SAS is a commodity trading and specializes in merchandising and processing of agricultural commodities such as grains, oilseeds, and feed ingredients for the flour milling and animal feed industry. We source raw materials throughout the globe and deliver to customers and affiliates in the region.

Key regions supported for the larger Seaboard Overseas Ltd group comprise of:

  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Dominican Republic

Our business is built upon the success, wellness, and satisfaction of our customers and employees.