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Sunrich Distributors (Pty.) Ltd.


60 Harley Street, Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Phone Number:

083 601 0607

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[email protected]

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Packages Offered

Wheaten Flour, Cake Flour, White Bread Flour, Brown Bread Flour, Self Raising Flour, Baking Powder, Bread & Confectionery Premixes, Dry Yeast, Flour Improvers & Correctors, Icing Sugar, Castor Sugar, Instant Maize Porridge

Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group

Company Overview

Sunrich Distributors is a trusted, independent distributor and seller of a full range of wheaten flour throughout South Africa. Sunrich has recently started exporting a range of bread premixes, pan oils and flour improvers into Africa. Sunrich has recently been appointed as agents for FMCG food manufacturers – a development which has added new products to our sales and distribution range.

Company History

Sunrich Distributors Pty Ltd was formed in 1999. Its main business was selling the Sunrich brand of wheat flour to bakeries in the Greater Durban area in the province of Kwa Zulu Natal. In 2007, Sunrich became part of the Gloridge Pty Ltd Group of companies which consisted of a chain of retail bakeries, industrial bakeries and sales and distribution depots.

In 2010, Seaboard Corporation, a U.S. based company with its head office in Kansas City, bought 50% of Gloridge Pty Ltd. Following the acquisition of Sunrich, new warehousing and distribution business units were established in Johannesburg, Welkom, Bloemfontein and East London.

Sunrich Pty Ltd now offers a sales, debtors, warehousing and distribution service in the Kwa Zulu Natal, Free State, Eastern Cape, Northwest and Gauteng provinces.

At present, our customers include national chain store bakeries, national wholesalers, independent bakeries and the general trade.

In 2017, Sunrich started manufacturing and blending bread and confectionary premixes, flour improvers, pan grease and flavouring ingredients. Sunrich currently manages a food factory in East London that produces biscuits and instant porridges.

The Sunrich management and sales force is a highly experienced team with strong local market knowledge, a passion for business and a determination to succeed.

Mission Statement

To motivate employees to achieve the company’s goals of providing ethical and dedicated service to current and future customers

Vision Statement

To increase the company’s national and continental footprint by identifying achievable goals and developing a focused and enthusiastic team committed to the task.

Values Statement

Commitment to customer satisfaction.