Soft Wheat

Soft wheat is a light golden color and has more starch and less gluten than hard wheat. It is a good choice for milling flour for cakes, pastries, desserts, and sauces. It typically has between 8 to 11% protein.

Spring Wheat

Spring wheat is used in artisan wheat foods like hearth breads, rolls, croissants, bagels and pizza crust. It has a high protein content of around 13-16%.

Hard Wheat

Hard wheat is a bronze-colored wheat, which is high in protein (approximately 12–15%) and is used for milling flour that is suitable for products requiring stronger structure, such as breads, buns, hard rolls, and yeast-raised sweet rolls.

Durum Wheat

Durum wheat has a rich amber color and its kernel is larger than other wheats. Durum wheat has the hardest of all wheat and has a high gluten and protein content. It produces semolina flour and is ideal for pasta, couscous and some Mediterranean breads.

Feed Wheat

Feed wheat is an excellent energy source for cattle and is generally superior to barley and sometimes corn. The use of wheat in animal feeds is usually limited to when wheat is competitively priced with corn or other grains. Wheat that’s lower quality is unsuitable for milling because of damage by disease, insects, and frost and can be used to feed cattle.