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As FMGL celebrates their 10th anniversary of operation in Ghana, they wanted to give back to their community. Employees of Flour Mills of Ghana joined Plastic Punch; an energetic non-profit organization in Accra, Ghana, aimed at protecting the coastal environment from plastic waste, providing sustainable waste management solutions, and raising awareness of the harms of single-use plastics.

Employees were tasked to collect waste in various forms (e.g. bottles, bottle caps, plastic sachets, shoes etc), this was to make the exercise exiting and also avoid the need of resorting.

Collected waste were then weighed and data was collected and analyzed. This collection strategy also gave the Employees a targeted mission and helped reduced the feeling of being overwhelmed by the massive trash on the beach. Employees were educated on the use of reusable items instead of plastics in our everyday lives. This will protect lives, environment and save a lot on our finances.

Marine pollution is a global issue, and only through the active participation of all individuals within our local communities throughout the planet will we be able to effect positive change.

Plastic waste collected is either turned into bricks for use in road construction or shredded to produce textiles.