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The use of automatic feeders in shrimp farming has been expanding in Ecuador in recent years. Although it is not yet applied in all shrimp farms, this is the trend.

Automatic feeders for shrimp

Automatic feeders are devices that supply food under a mechanical and computerized system. Each team consists of a motor, support, food storage, a logic circuit and GPS. Currently, the most recent devices include parameterization software via app, sensors, solar panels, management, reporting, acoustic power, etc.

These feeders are strategically located in the shrimp pools. Its coverage is of a circular area, depending on the characteristics of spreading and location in the pool.

Frequent feed dosing allows the shrimp to catch the pellets before they reach the bottom of the pool.

Each feeder has a timer that controls feeding intervals and records the level of feed available. With this, the user or owner can be miles away, with the device supplying the food . Therefore, the operator must be vigilant only to refill each feeder with a fresh supply of feed.

Advantages of automatic feeders in aquaculture

In addition, its extended use promotes better results in multiple ways:

  • With an adequate distribution, it is possible to increase the uniformity of the shrimp culture.
  • Dosing the amount and increasing the frequency reduces feed waste.
  • It minimizes the fluctuation of the most important water quality parameters, such as dissolved oxygen, ammonia and nitrites.
  • Anaerobic areas due to feed accumulation and leaching of nutrients from leftover feed are reduced.
  • It ensures a lower FCR and improves the growth of crustaceans.

The latter is directly observed in higher average daily growth rates and shorter production cycles . Similarly, more frequent feeding allows for consistent growth of all stocked shrimp.

In conclusion, installing an automatic feeder ensures healthier shrimp due to improved water quality and continuous feeding. Improving water quality reduces the risks of deaths or disease outbreaks. Therefore, it generates higher profits with additional savings in labor and production costs.

In Ecuador, shrimp farmers combine the technological advantages of automatic feeders with the latest in nutrition. The Aquachampion shrimp food line is a modern formula that evolves the shrimp’s digestive system. A hydro-stable nutrition with high nutrients, vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system.