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Moderna Alimentos presents its Feeding Hearts program, in line with its sustainability strategy focused on people, product and planet. The YA brand promotes this program what next to United, supports the community of Monte Sinai, in Guayaquil, through community canteens and nutritious breakfasts with Avena YA. More than 150 children have access to a complete and healthy diet; also, training is carried out for mothers in issues of health and integral well-being.

“The strategic alliance between our Feeding Hearts program, driven by the YA brand, and the Unidos nutrition and development program, has allowed 150 children from the community – The Triangle – to have access to nutritious and complete breakfasts, in Mount Sinai. We invite more companies to support initiatives such as Unidos that contribute to the achievement of SDG 3: Health and Well-being”, explained Mariela Gómez, Director of Corporate Affairs at Moderna Alimentos.

The Feeding Hearts and United program aims to change the reality of children and mothers in vulnerable situations. The articulation of actions is developed under four axes:


Moderna Alimentos delivers 44 kilos of Avena YA monthly for breakfasts that are prepared by 35 volunteer mothers. Oatmeal is a functional product, high in protein and fiber, ideal to contribute to the health and well-being of people.

Worthy spaces

In addition to the adaptation of the community dining room “God provides – the triangle”, Moderna Alimentos has provided supplies such as glasses, individuals, blackboards and markers, children’s table, bookcase, signs for bathrooms, kitchen utensils, among others.


Moderna Alimentos promotes the communication of the activities carried out by the Unidos nutrition program with the aim that more companies join forces and join this project.


In 2022, the company will provide training to mothers on issues of health and integral well-being.