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SOTG and CIPA, through a monetary donation, will help provide new and improved housing for some of the poorest families in Medellin, Colombia.

The Fundación Compasion is an organization dedicated to collecting aid in order to raise funds and provide decent housing to the less-fortunate families with little or no economic resources, usually with a sick family member. They are a non-profit organization that open their doors legally to the public in July 2012 but has been helping those in need since 2000 with the support of the Telvid Channel.

Fundación Compasion focuses on the needs of less fortunate families in a few sectors of Eastern Antioquia and in sectors of the department of Sucre. They base their organization around four values, Heart, Hope, Faith and Solidarity. According to their website, the work to make the lives of the less-fortunate more dignified.

Fundación Compasion builds and improves homes, hosts educational programs for women and the head of the family, provides food for elders, supports families with members of some type of disability and participates in community initiatives that work to improve the quality of life for those in need.