Hospital makes improvements in Matadi

In 2010 the HH Bresky Foundation, in conjunction with Project Cure and Minoterie de Matadi S.A.R.L. (MIDEMA), inaugurated a clinic and maternity ward in Matadi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, which operates under the name of Corporate Commitment for Local Development (CCLD). The objective of the clinic is to improve the health and well-being of […]

Community in Ecuador benefits from Water Filtration System

As a follow up to an earlier post, the citizens of Manta’s San Juan neighborhood in Ecuador would like to thank Moderna Alimentos S.A., Seaboard and its employees for the donation of a water filtration system for their community. The water purifier was installed and commissioned in the communitarian house run by Carmelite Missionary Sisters at […]

Moderna Alimentos S.A. delivering water to earthquake victims

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that devastated Ecuador on April 16, 2016, left hundreds dead, thousands injured and communities near its epicenter in ruins. Moderna Alimentos S.A., a subsidiary of Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group and parent company Seaboard Corporation, is working to supply much-needed drinking water to affected inhabitants and to the communities in which […]

Charitable donation to Doobay Medical Centre Inc–Guyana

We are pleased to announce the 2013 charitable donation to Doobay Medical Centre Inc. on behalf of National Milling Company of Guyana Inc. Doobay Medical Centre provides low cost and affordable medical services such as Hemo Dialysis to patients. The contribution is to assist in running the medical center as revenues do not match expenses. […]