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For Immediate release: November 2, 2015

Interra International, Inc. and PS International, LTD, a subsidiary of Seaboard Corporation, have agreed to combine their respective businesses into one company. The resulting entity, Interra International, LLC, will include all of Interra’s meat and poultry businesses, Interra Food Marketing, LLC, a subsidiary delivering consumer packaged goods to the US grocery industry, and PS International’s dairy, rice, sugar, protein and nut business units. The company will serve the supply chain needs of processors, wholesalers, food service and retail customers in over 100 countries. Interra International, LLC begins operations November 2, 2015.

“This is a truly exciting opportunity to bring together two successful and recognized companies creating one dynamic organization,” says Stephen Isaf, Interra’s CEO. “Interra has been planning for diversification of commodity and service offerings to better serve its business partners. We are very fortunate to have found the right partner in PS International to realize these goals.”

“Bringing two companies together which share the same values and focus on the same priorities of satisfying customer needs is an exciting prospect for us. Combining complementary strengths and an expanded portfolio of products will give us additional scale and reach into the marketplace. We are thrilled to be partnering with Steve Isaf and the entire Interra team”, says Dave Dannov, CEO of Seaboard Overseas Group, the reporting division of PS International. “


PS International, LTD, is a subsidiary of Seaboard Corporation, a diversified conglomerate that operates agricultural and ocean transportation businesses worldwide. PS International operates as a trader and marketer of dairy, grains, pulses, edible oils, sugar, rice and nuts. PS International will continue to operate the pulse, grains and edible oils business units, which will not be contributed to the combined entity.

Interra International, Inc. is a multinational food trading and distribution company fulfilling the supply chain needs of partners in 85 counties. Interra’s commodity business unit primarily focuses on pork, chicken, turkey, beef and sugar. Interra Food Marketing, LLC, a subsidiary, provides the largest retail grocers with a managed supply chain delivering high quality consumer packaged goods. All of Interra’s businesses will be contributed to the combined entity.

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