Bag Yaglari’s Story

Bag Yaglari was founded in 1928 and is one of the oldest companies in the Aegean region, and in Turkey. There are many people and business stories to be told about the company, but we would like to highlight Mr. Selahattin Sen, Plant Manager, and how he led the building of the new production facilities […]

Seaboard Overseas Peru Celebrates 25 Years

Contilatin del Peru (CLDP) was founded 25 years ago.  In 2007 Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group decided to become a partner of this company by acquiring 50% of the shares and assuming the control of the operation.  Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group’s involvement was crucial for the company development, which showed a sharp growth of […]

Happy Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day! To the brave veterans who have served and those who continue to serve, thank you for your sacrifice. Wondering how you can honor a veteran? Here are some ideas: Attend a Veteran’s Day event. Make a donation to an organization that helps Veteran’s. Ask a veteran about their time in service. Hang […]

M3C Develops an Innovative Program

Molino 3 Castillos has developed an innovation program called “Molinnova”, “to generate culture for the capture and implementation of ideas that promote benefits, competitiveness and sustainability for the organization, its customers and employees.” The focus of the program is the develop solutions to improve the company performance in four main areas: Operational Efficiency, New Technologies, […]

Moderna Alimentos Makes Company History with First Pasta Export

The first shipment of pasta was exported to Central America with one of Seaboard’s containers. This marks a historical milestone as it allows the company to put products in international markets. Moderna would like to thank all the people who contributed with their effort and commitment to this first great achievement.

The Golden Mama’s of Pain d’Or

The Golden Mama’s of Pain d’Or This is the story and real-time account about two Mama’s in the Democratic Republic of Congo who re-sell bread for a living. It documents their daily schedules and describes the purpose and hardships of their jobs. 3:00 am: Martha (31) and her sister Hortense (35) leave their single room apartment […]