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The Pediatric Foundation of Kimbondo goal is “to welcome sick, abandoned, orphaned children, who are deprived of resources for treatment and education, its purpose is the medical and social development of the human.”


This foundation was founded in 1989 by a retired professor, Dr. Laura, and Father Hugo Rios of the Claretian Missionaries Community. On May 5, 2000 they were authorized to practice medical training by the Minister of Public Health. According to their website, “The Pediatric Hospital of Kimbondo is the only free hospital for the population in need of all the Kinshasa area.”

True to its goal, the Kimbondo Pediatric Foundation currently has around 700 orphans and abandoned children and continues to grow daily. Among these children are some who can follow the normal cycle of education (nursery, primary, secondary and University). Children attend institutions of higher education and University, while others who are not as skilled go to vocational schools.

Father Hugo and all 700+ children want to wholeheartedly thank the company for this kind gesture that will help purchase school uniforms and enhance buildings’ conditions with the landslide currently affecting the area.