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A new 11,540 metric ton silo complex was recently installed at Unga Limited site in Eldoret, Kenya. By increasing its storage capacity, the site will have the ability to take better advantage of swings in the market, thus increasing profitability of the business. The complex was commissioned on November 24th, 2016, and took six months to complete its installation. 

“I am very proud of the new silo complex at our Eldoret plant. The added storage will reduce our input costs.  In the past, we had to rent warehouses to store our inventory. Furthermore, storage in those warehouses meant keeping the material in bags, which added extra handling and bagging costs” said Bob Thieme, Operations Manager of Unga Limited.

The silos were purchased from Mill Services S.P.A., Padova, Italy; they measure 10.9 meter in diameter by 28.3 meters high. Features include a 150 metric ton per hour filling and unloading systems with a fixed rotating screw discharger.  The system is fully automated and PLC controlled. A Ronin GMS Inventory Management System was purchased for the silos featuring Artemis 40 Series Laser Scanners.