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Molino 3 Castillos has developed an innovation program called “Molinnova”, “to generate culture for the capture and implementation of ideas that promote benefits, competitiveness and sustainability for the organization, its customers and employees.” The focus of the program is the develop solutions to improve the company performance in four main areas: Operational Efficiency, New Technologies, Human Talent, and New Products. These are aligned to the company strategic plan and has the commitment of the company board of directors and each area management.

The innovation in Molino 3 Castillos continues to be one of the main pillars of strategic growth and a forceful way to promote changes in our company. We live innovation through the culture creation and project execution.

In the last two years we have made more than 15 innovation workshops that have generated 244 ideas for the company focused on the transformation of processes, expansion and entry into new categories with models of dynamic and proactive business, the implementation of new technologies and the development of alternative channels that represent an agile and differentiated growth platform. Also, we have implemented five new projects in these areas and currently set an innovation leading team to execute a strategic project with a bigger impact for the company.

The Molinnova Program has received different awards for its management:

  1. Second Place to business innovation in Cartagena given by Asociación Nacional de Industriales (ANDI).
  2. Certification in Innovation Management Proficient Program given by Global Innovation Management Institute.