Moderna Alimentos Makes Company History with First Pasta Export

The first shipment of pasta was exported to Central America with one of Seaboard’s containers. This marks a historical milestone as it allows the company to put products in international markets. Moderna would like to thank all the people who contributed with their effort and commitment to this first great achievement.

The Golden Mama’s of Pain d’Or

The Golden Mama’s of Pain d’Or This is the story and real-time account about two Mama’s in the Democratic Republic of Congo who re-sell bread for a living. It documents their daily schedules and describes the purpose and hardships of their jobs. 3:00 am: Martha (31) and her sister Hortense (35) leave their single room apartment […]

SOTG and Namilco’s Donations to Bal Nivas Shelter in Guyana

In 2014, in the region of Berbice in Guyana, a shelter for the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha was opened under the name Bal Nivas. This shelter is currently providing a comfortable and secure haven for more than 25 children from across the country who have been affected by various forms of abuse. The past two […]

GMA’s “Ton pied-mon pied” Campaign

GMA has developed in 2018 the “Ton pied-mon pied” concept. “Ton pied-mon pied” which means “we move together” or “you are not going anywhere without me”, is a famous statement in Ivory Coast. It reveals a clear determination to be with someone, an obvious will to follow someone any where and every time. GMA has […]

Addi Marston shares her internship experience at Namilco Zambia

Addi Marston joined SOTG’S internship program to work at Namilco Zambia during the summer. She is a senior at Kansas State University, studying Animal Science and Industry and a member of the KSU Feed Science Club; as a member of this club, Addi has the opportunity to write a spotlight about her internship experience and […]

Seaboard: A Fortune 500 Company

SOTG and Seaboard Corporation are proud to represent the State of Kansas on the Fortune 500 Companies list of 2017! This is Seaboard’s 7th year on the list; we are #486 with net sales over $5 billion annually.