Location Spotlight: Gloridge

Location: South Africa – Head office based in Randburg, Gauteng province Affiliate: Gloridge (Pty) Ltd. Year Opened: 2000 Products/Services offered by Gloridge: RETAIL BAKERIES DIVISION – trading as Globake. Currently there are stores situated in Johannesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng province stores in the Free State province. Each unit bakes bread and confectionery daily and also sells bakery […]

Raul Logrono, Maintenance Manager at Moderna Alimentos

Raul Logrono, Maintenance Manager at Moderna Alimentos What is your job title and location? Maintenance Manager at Planta Cajabamba. How long have you been employed with SOTG?  Since January 9th, 1995.     What is your history/career path prior to SOTG? I worked as a Public Servant in the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INEC).  Additionally, thanks […]

Location Spotlight: Bolux

Location:  Ramotswa, Botswana, Southern Africa Affiliate: Bolux Year opened: 1985 Products/Services offered by Bolux: A1 Super Maize Meal, Snow White Flour, Pasta King, Maxi Bread, Chop & Bran (Feed). A normal day at Bolux: Bolux runs its integrated maize and wheat plant 24/7 on a two-shift system. The company also has its bakery plant on site in […]

Location Spotlight: Zalar

Location:  Nouaceur, Casablanca – Morocco Affiliate: Zalar Year opened: 2009 Products/Services offered by Zalar: Production and distribution of processed poultry meat products, as well as poultry cuts in various forms. Zalar is the second largest player in the Moroccan poultry meat processing segment. Most of its products are marketed under the locally well-known ‘Dindy’ brand. In addition, […]

Location Spotlight: Plum Grove

Location: Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia Affiliate: ​Plum Grove Pty Ltd. Year Opened: 2003 Products/Services offered by the affiliate:  Plum Grove is a privately owned grain accumulation and export business. It operates under a service model and accumulates bulk cargos for supply to our shareholders Seaboard, Salim Group and Mitsui. Plum Grove also owns a subsidiary in New South […]

Moderna Alimentos Makes Company History with First Pasta Export

The first shipment of pasta was exported to Central America with one of Seaboard’s containers. This marks a historical milestone as it allows the company to put products in international markets. Moderna would like to thank all the people who contributed with their effort and commitment to this first great achievement.