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GMA has developed in 2018 the “Ton pied-mon pied” concept. “Ton pied-mon pied” which means “we move together” or “you are not going anywhere without me”, is a famous statement in Ivory Coast. It reveals a clear determination to be with someone, an obvious will to follow someone any where and every time. GMA has decided to communicate its full commitment to customers and consolidate its position as an unconditional partner for them, using that mindset “Ton pied-mon pied”. For that purpose, a fabric has been developed and offered to the loyal customers, to remind them that commitment.

Fritters and Doughnuts on the Ivorian market, are generally sold by women, who come in majority from modest environment. Thanks to this activity, they are able to cover family expenses. Rewarding those devoted women, not only means for GMA to offer them significant gifts like fabrics that they really appreciate; but it also means to support them on everyday challenges , such as taking care of their families and making their business grow.

For that purpose, GMA has organized a promotional sale in which fabrics and lottery raffles have been offered to the “mamies beignets”. Mamies beignets is hoe the fritters and doughnuts sellers are called. We have been delighted to reward and celebrate 66 lucky winners after a prize draw.

Prizes included goods vouchers and household appliances, in order to facilitate the preparation of their products and also develop additional business activities. Lastly, aware of their unwavering dedication to their family, GMA gave away to 9 winners a saving account with a small amount of money for their children’s school fees.


With the “Ton pied, mon pied” mindset, GMA chose to go further with its customers, bypassing the “win-win contract”, seeing them like “business partners”, but above all like “friends” who support each other.