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In 2010 the HH Bresky Foundation, in conjunction with Project Cure and Minoterie de Matadi S.A.R.L. (MIDEMA), inaugurated a clinic and maternity ward in Matadi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, which operates under the name of Corporate Commitment for Local Development (CCLD).

The objective of the clinic is to improve the health and well-being of the local population by providing quality, non-discriminatory healthcare services at an affordable cost to individuals and companies. Forty percent of the patients are employees of other companies in Matadi who have subscribed to the clinic’s services.

Since its inauguration, the clinic has endeavored to stay current, constantly looking for opportunities to make new investments in medical equipment. They have purchased an x-ray machine, generator, fetal monitoring machine, and a laboratory hemoglobin electrophoresis machine to better serve the community.

CCLD continuously makes improvements to the facilities in an effort to offer new services to patients. In 2015 the Physiotherapy Unit became operational, providing a service not otherwise readily available in the area. The clinic also has an Optometric Unit, Dental Unit and a Maternity Unit. The combination of these units make the CCLD as autonomous as possible, providing services that are diversified, comprehensive and integrated.

In 2016, HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Illnesses (STIs) prevention activities remained of great importance to the clinic, especially the efforts focused on pregnant women. The CCLD also improved its recording and reporting system to have more accurate information on STD cases.

The maternity ward has assisted more than 950 births, with an average of 155 births per year and 14 per month; in addition, the antenatal attendance increased by 44% in 2016, which averages to approximately 72 consultations every month.

Another achievement for the clinic is the offering of laboratory exams, which has been a growing trend for the past six years. More than 3,900 laboratory tests were performed in 2016.

In an effort to create awareness of public health importance, the clinic has executed annual community activities to offer various free services during one “open day.” The community activities in 2016 concentrated on antenatal promotion, screening of Malaria and Anemia in children aged 0-14 years, and prevention of HIV/AIDS with testing and condom distribution.

As a result of all the outreach, updates and investments, the activity at the CCLD keeps increases every year, creating a need to strengthen their staff. In 2016, they had 59 employees, including two full time doctors, two part-time doctors, five specialist doctors, one dentist, one pharmacist, one x-ray technician, two physiotherapists, and 26 nurses, among other medical and administrative professionals.

Training for the hospital staff remains a challenge as opportunities are scarce in Matadi. For this reason, staff attends outside training sessions or conferences when they are available. The CCLD also provides in-service lectures given by staff members and outside presenters. The clinic stays true to their mission of contributing to the community by welcoming the staff of other hospitals in the region to attend their lectures. No other health facility in the area provides such a benefit.

In 2017, the CCLD has plans to continue improving the facility and services. This will include the inauguration of a Renal Hemodialysis Unit, a larger meeting room for trainings, the purchase of a new ambulance and creating a children’s play area. Stay tuned for updates on these projects and more as the CCLD continues to grow!