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Life Flour Mill LTD sponsored a Golf Tournament at Sapele Athletics Club on July 7, 2018.

The Golf Section of the Sapele Athletics Club is the first GOLF course in Nigeria, and some even say the first in Africa. Many prominent people have played at this course, including the Prime Minister of England, Sir John Mayor.

Life Flour Mill Ltd sponsored and co-organized the “Life Flour Mill 2018 Golf Tournament.” The event started on Friday with a Captain’s Drink, then Breakfast for all participants on Saturday morning before the tee-off at 7:00 am. The tournament was well attended and had over 150 guests and over 60 players coming from Sapele, Wari, Benin, Asaba and Oweri.  Life Flour Mill LTD did the ceremonial tee-off and opening of the Golf Tournament.

For the Ceremony, they invited the Orodje of OKPE Kingdom, who exceptionally accepted and attended for the ceremonial part of the Life Flour Mill tournament. He was accompanied by Chairman Sapele Local Government, the State Chairman of the ruling political party Delta State, The Commissioner for Airports, Ex-Chairman Sapele Local Government, the President Sapele Chambers of Commerce and many more High Chiefs and dignitaries.

The presentation of the awards started at the arrival of his Royal Majesty. All participants were winners; however, the first and second place participants in the various categories received plaques and awards. Although, all participants received a Life Flour Mill branded T-shirt and a face cap, along with one bag of LIFE-O-VITA Semolina.

The Orodje of OKPE Kingdom really appreciated this initiative from Life Flour Mill LTD. Life Flour Mill used this event as fundraising opportunity. Overall, Life Flour Mill LTD was able to fundraise around US$20,000 for the Sapele Golf Club, including the US$1,000 donation from Life Flour Mill LTD initially. Life Flour Mill LTD will make this event a Golf Classic. As well announced the Orodje during this event, the initiation of an Annual Open Golf Tournament, called the Orodje of OKPE GOLF Open.

The weather throughout the event was pleasant with a little rain at times, but this did not disturb any of the players. All of the players are looking forward to the next Life Flour Mill LTD Golf Tournament 2019.  Life Flour Mill received many words of appreciation, and the event is classified as one of the best organized Golf Tournaments since the start of the Sapele Athletics Club.