Location Spotlight: Purchasing Department at Corporate Headquarters – Kansas, U.S.A.

Location:  Corporate Headquarters — Kansas, U.S.A. Affiliate: Seaboard Overseas Group Purchasing Department Products/Services offered by Purchasing:  Our department delivers customer service in the form of procurement. We handle mandatory pre-inspections and logistical instructions/guidance and provide documentation for exporting/importing goods to our affiliates primarily flour mills in Africa and the Americas (Central and South). Describe a […]

Location Spotlight: Seaboard Special Crops, Avonlea

      Location: Avonlea, Saskatchewan, Canada Affiliate: Seaboard Special Crops Avonlea Year opened: Our group became part of the Seaboard family in 2017. Products/Services offered by Seaboard Special Crops Avonlea: Seaboard Special Crops Avonlea plays an important role in purchasing and processing inventories for Seaboard Special Crops. We purchase a variety of pulses and […]

Location Spotlight: National Milling Corporation Ltd. (NAMILCO Zambia)

Location: Milling in Lusaka and Livingstone, Zambia. Affiliate: NAMILCO – Zambia Year opened: 1952 – Seaboard acquired the assets in 1998. Products/Services offered by NAMILCO Zambia:  Wheat flour and bakery training, maize meal, rice, popcorn, animal feed and poultry training seminars. Describe a normal day – Activities, shifts, how does the product move along the production line, etc. Wheat […]

Location Spotlight: Fillmore Seeds Inc.

  Location:  Fillmore, Saskatchewan, CANADA Affiliate:  Seaboard Special Crops – Fillmore (legal name Fillmore Seeds Inc.) Year opened:  Business started in July 1986.  Purchased outright by Seaboard effective August 1, 2010 Products/Services offered by Fillmore Seeds: Seaboard Special Crops Fillmore purchases different varieties of Lentils (Crimson, Laird & Eston), Green and Yellow Peas, Flax and Canary seed direct […]

Location Spotlight: Life Flour Mill Ltd. (LFM)

Affiliate: Life Flour Mill limited, an affiliate of Seaboard Overseas Trading Company is located in Sapele, Delta State Nigeria.  The initial installed capacity was 4 X260MT SIMON MILL. Over the years, LFM has replaced two Mills for a 450MT Buhler Mill and at present only one SIMON Mill is operational. Location: Life Flour Mill Ltd. is located […]

Location Spotlight: Flour Mills of Ghana Limited

  Location: Flour Mills of Ghana Limited (FMGL) is located in Tema. Affiliate: FMGL is 100% subsidiary of Seaboard. Year Opened: FMGL was acquired in 2011 and went into production in February 2012. History and Past Achievements: Tema Food Complex Corporation was established by Ghana’s first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in the early 70’s. TFCC […]

Location Spotlight: Seaboard Overseas Limited Colombia

Location: Colombia Affiliate: SOL Colombia Year Opened: 2008 Products/Services offered by SOL Colombia:  The best way to describe what we do at SEABOARD OVERSEAS COLOMBIA (SOC) is by telling you “the story behind the grain” we trade. Each morning when the phone rings, one of our traders is confirming a new trade purchase, let’s say 50,000 MT of […]

Location Spotlight: Eurogerm

Location: Durban, South Africa Affiliate: Eurogerm Year Opened: 2013 Products/Services offered by Eurogerm: A normal day for us starts with the planning of production to be made depending on orders; it can be a few products like enzyme blends (300 kg); improvers blends (500 kg) and Premixes (2 tons). Each product will be made according […]

Location Spotlight: Gloridge

Location: South Africa – Head office based in Randburg, Gauteng province Affiliate: Gloridge (Pty) Ltd. Year Opened: 2000 Products/Services offered by Gloridge: RETAIL BAKERIES DIVISION – trading as Globake. Currently there are stores situated in Johannesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng province stores in the Free State province. Each unit bakes bread and confectionery daily and also sells bakery […]

Location Spotlight: Bolux

Location:  Ramotswa, Botswana, Southern Africa Affiliate: Bolux Year opened: 1985 Products/Services offered by Bolux: A1 Super Maize Meal, Snow White Flour, Pasta King, Maxi Bread, Chop & Bran (Feed). A normal day at Bolux: Bolux runs its integrated maize and wheat plant 24/7 on a two-shift system. The company also has its bakery plant on site in […]