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Moderna Alimentos presents the new image of “Pan Moderna Gourmet”. This innovative proposal gives greater prominence to the nutritional information on the packaging, in its 7 presentations , in line with the current market trend that seeks healthier alternatives.

The brand is the leader in the national segment of whole wheat bread with seeds and cereals, with an approximate participation of 60%.

Pan Moderna Gourmet preserves its delicious flavor and nutritional properties as derivatives of protein, fiber, omega 3, as well as the following value-added ingredients: fruits, cereals, raisins, oats, bran, quinoa and sesame.

This unique combination supports the immune and digestive system through nutritional elements such as trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

In addition to the prominence in the nutritional information, the image renovation includes a new logo, vibrant colors and typography changes.

“At Moderna Alimentos we are constantly innovating to provide high quality and nutritious food, ideal for different occasions and needs. Refresh the image of Pan Moderna Gourmet, one of our star brands, responding to new market demands. Consumers require nutritious products and actively seek information on the compounds in the foods they eat, and it is important for us to deliver it ”,

Ma. Gabriela Rodríguez, manager of the Bread Category.

The Modern Gourmet Bread line includes seven varieties: Blackberries & Walnuts, Five Cereals, Apple & Macadamia, Honey & Bran, Red Fruits & Almonds, Oats & Bran and Seven Cereals .

In this way, Moderna Alimentos ratifies its strategy of innovation and quality to offer food that contributes to health, without depriving itself of an incomparable flavor.