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In July of 2015, the Fundacion La Calera opened its doors to address the needs of their community in Alto Laran, Chincha, Peru.  La Calera focuses on the education and nutrition for children and the elderly in Peru. La Calera focuses on projects for the most vulnerable populations of the area – children and elderly. La Calera puts emphasis on education, recreation, nutrition, and overall health, childcare for working families, free workshops and camps for youth, delivered meals, recreational outings, daily companionship for elderly and programs to promote recycling.

Supporting Fundacion La Calera is perfectly alligned with CLDP’s mission to create prosperity for our families and a positive contribution to their society. CLDP believes that they have a great responsibility to their wider Peruvian community and feel especially called to support the elder generation and those that have been abandoned.

For two years, SOTG and ContiLatin have contributed to this organization through monetary donations. This contribution will help Fundación La Calera offer medical support and recreational activities for the impoverished and abandoned elderly population of Chincha. 

On December 14, 2017, ContiLatin organized an event to meet a group of elders in Alto Laran, Chincha, a community that benefits from La Calera’ social assistance efforts.