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In 2014, in the region of Berbice in Guyana, a shelter for the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha was opened under the name Bal Nivas. This shelter is currently providing a comfortable and secure haven for more than 25 children from across the country who have been affected by various forms of abuse.

The past two years SOTG and Namilco have contributed to this beautiful organization through monetary donations. Bal Nivas and the Sabha have a positive impact in the community, and they are committed to the children’s development and recovery from abuse and trauma by sharing love and care.

At the shelter, the children are provided with accommodations, meals, clothing, healthcare, school supplies, toys and games, recreational and educational activities, and counseling. All school-age children attend school.

From Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha Facebook page: The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha is an institution established in 1974, it has crafted and sustained diverse programs and events to cater to the needs of the Guyanese, focusing on social issues, education, health and welfare of women and children.