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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented so much disruption to social, economic, health and psychological well-being of people all around the globe. Historically, corporations take a step back during crises, but we are convinced that there is no better time to assist our neighboring community.

RussellStone Protein has identified families and individuals in the Zithobeni community who are in need of basic food and supplies. We have liaised with other companies doing good to ensure we really make a difference that has a major impact in the community.

RussellStone Protein acquired basic necessities for identified families. Willowton Group made oil and rice available, Godrich Flour Mills, together with Seaboard Overseas Trading and Shipping has sponsored maize meal and cake flour, Grainvest Physicals sponsored 30 metric tons of potatoes and a little over 31 metric tons of watermelons. Mergence Investment Managers has sponsored 80kg of soya mince along. Rica Meats also donated and made very generous contributions to the project.

With the massive amount of goods purchased and received, we have reached nearly 4000 individuals in need. And we are not done!

From the words of our great volunteers involved in distribution,”Russellstone Protein is making history in Zithobeni.