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Moderna Alimentos became the first milling company to receive the “Eco-efficient” Company Certification for its Cajabamba Production Plant. It is an accreditation issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Water, which validates that the company operates under a comprehensive sustainable management model, through compliance with a series of standards that guarantee cleaner production processes.

The Cajabamba Production Plant obtained this important recognition after having completed the implementation of 5 Clean Production projects (CPP), each of which has the “Punto Verde” certification. According to Ministerial Agreement 140 of the Ministry of the Environment and Water, a company becomes eco-efficient when it reaches 4 Puntos Verdes, however the company went further by incorporating an additional certification.

The 5 Punto Verde reached an investment of $ 555,952.41 and correspond to the following processes:

Reception and pre-cleaning of wheat (CPP 1): It consisted in the application of a new reception system in 2016, which allowed a 32.11% reduction of waste generated in the wheat pre-cleaning area.

Wheat milling process (CPP 2): It contemplated the reduction of waste generated in this process, through the efficient use of raw materials (enzymes) used in the formulation of wheat flour. With this project, it was possible to reduce 37.81% of plastic and 37.76% of cardboard.

Lighting (CPP 3): It consisted in the renovation of the entire lighting system of the production plant, for which the fluorescent tube lights were replaced by LED tubes. This change helped achieve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption by 31.98%.

Packaging (CPP 4): An automatic sewing system was incorporated for the plastic bags used for packaging wheat flour aiming to reduce the waste generated in this process. Through this project, the use of inputs (thread) was reduced by 27.05%.

Wheat discharge (CPP 5): The wheat discharge process was optimized from 1 hour to 20/40 minutes. This helped to reduce electricity consumption by 20.61%

In this way, Moderna Alimentos ratifies its constant innovation and its commitment to maintaining a sustainable management model, which is based on three fundamental pillars: product, people and planet.