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The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club on Thursday last joined hands with the management of the Region Six Guyana Police Force to host a simple but impressive presentation ceremony for the Club 7th annual NAMILCO Thunderbolt Flour Tribute to Law Enforcement Program. The ceremony was hosted in the Conference Hall of the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam and was attended by senior executives of the club along with the top brass of the Region Six Police management.

Club Secretary /CEO Hilbert Foster stated that the RHTYSC over the years has enjoyed a very close working relationship with the Guyana Police Force as part of its Say No / Say Yes program and Say No to Crime project. The Tribute to Law Enforcement Program was launched in 2014 by the club as part of its Say No to Crime project to honor outstanding Police Officers who have worked beyond the call of duty to protect society.
Foster noted that they were many honest and dedicated officers despite the views of critics. He stated that these officers would serve as mentors and role model to the others and as such the club was delighted to honor them. The 2021 awardees honored were Woman Constable 32255 Madanna Persaud, Constable 23206 Courtney Sampson, Constable 25058 Wayid Martin, Constable 22579 Rajendra Ramcharran, Rural Constables Patrick Simmons and Devana Grant. They were selected by the Region top Police brass based on commitment, personal discipline and performance on the job.

Foster was loud in praise of the work of the division leadership with special mention been made of Commander Jairam Ramlakhan. He called on the awardees to not only uphold their high standard but to strive for even more success. He committed the Rose Hall Town Namilco Thunderbolt Flour under-21 and First Division teams to not only continuing the program in the future but also to expand it to include all the police stations in the region and to provide assistance where ever possible.

He recalled that the RHTYSC has over the years made numerous donations to the Force and together they have worked on several programs to reduce crime and drug abuse in the Ancient County. He also disclosed that the club would shortly present its highest award to Inspector Griffith-Ward in recognition of her outstanding performance as Secretary to the Regional Commander for a number of years. Inspector Griffith-Ward would be the first Police Officer to ever receive the award. Acting Deputy Commander E. Davidson was high in his praises for the work of the RHTYSC and urged the club to uphold the high standard it has set over the years. He spoke of the importance of the force and members of civil society working together to reduce crime. Davidson called on the awardees to be honest at all times and to maintain their integrity. Awardee Madanna Persaud expressed thanks to the club and the Thunderbolt Flour teams for honoring her and her colleagues. She stated that the awardees felt very privileged to be honored by a very respected organization and committed all the awardees to upholding their high standards. Each of the awardees received a Plaque of Excellence, Medal of Excellence, Framed Certificate and three gifts.

The RHT Thunderbolt Flour Teams are sponsored by the National Milling Company of Guyana {NAMILCO}, located at Agricola, East Bsnk Demerara. Among the players of the team are Kevin Sinclair, Clinton Pestano, Kevlon Anderson, Jonathan Rampersaud, Keith Simpson and Delbert Hicks.

Click here for article source from Kaieteur News.