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The Seprod team, including Jamaica Grain & Cereals Limited (JGCL) were pleased to have been a part of an initiative that geared towards providing literacy packages to children across the country. With the help of the American child activist, Marley Diaz and the Grass ROOTS Community Foundation the Seprod team was able to give back to the communities of Jamaica. Not only were the kids taught the importance of reading but they were given packages that were full of books, snacks, masks and anti-bacterial wipes.

Their first stop was Jessie Ripoll Primary where Principal Stevens stressed the importance of reading and the effect it has on a community.

After which was Early Childhood Commission, who will share their packages with 7 regions across the country.

Then, the team headed to Denham Town Primary where they met Ms. Brown, a teacher of 33 years, whose passion is reading and who continues to share it with her students.

Last on the stop was Boys’ Town – greeted by Mr. McGeachy, whose appreciation for the packages was heavily expressed, mentioning how much philanthropy has saved lives in the community.