SOTG and GMA Contribute to ONG Crescendo Vie

ONG Crescendo Vie is an organization located in Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast. ONG Crescendo Vie provides homes to disabled and/or abandoned children of Abidjan. The monetary donation from GMA and SOTG will allow the organization to feed, educate and give care to these children. Some of the organizations goals include the following: Help with day […]

SOTG and SADIA’s Contributions to the Pediatric Foundation of Kimbondo

The Pediatric Foundation of Kimbondo goal is “to welcome sick, abandoned, orphaned children, who are deprived of resources for treatment and education, its purpose is the medical and social development of the human.”   This foundation was founded in 1989 by a retired professor, Dr. Laura, and Father Hugo Rios of the Claretian Missionaries Community. On […]

Lesotho Flour Mills and SOTG Give Back to St. Cecilia Orphanage in Lesotho

St. Cecilia Orphanage is a non-profit organization that provides shelter for vulnerable and homeless children. This organization was established in 2009 and continues to work and provide for the children in need in Ha Buasano, Lesotho. Lesotho Flour Mills and SOTG have provided the St. Cecilia Orphanage with a monetary donation. This donation will go […]

2018 Charitable Contribution: EARTH University

For the past two years, Interra International monetarily donated to EARTH University, which provides financial assistance and other support for the programs and initiatives. This is a private, non-profit, international university that contributes in sustainable development through education in the agricultural sciences and natural resources. EARTH University is in the heart of Costa Rica’s rainforest […]

SOTG and RussellStone Protein’s Contributions towards the POPUP People Upliftment NPC

POPUP is a non-profit organization that focuses on restoring and empowering unemployed people to become employable in the future. According to their website, POPUP was created in 1999, and “since 2005 [POPUP] has operated a fully-fledged skills training and development center to ensure independence, restoration and true upliftment of individuals through market-related, cost-effective training.” A […]

SOTG and Moderna’s Charitable Donation to the Children’s Reading Program “The Little Prince”

For the second year in a row, Moderna Alimentos selected the Ñucata Cuyay – Child Development Center for their charitable contribution; the center implements cultural and recreational programs to support the educational development of indigenous children in the community of Colta, Chimborazo in Ecuador. Reading is the most powerful way to access to all knowledge, as well as the enrichment of […]

Charitable Contribution to the Hospital of the Order of Malta in Dakar

​The Hospital of the Order of Malta in Dakar, Senegal originated as a specialized center for the treatment of leprosy back in 1967. According to their website, “Modernized and extended, it was renamed the Hospital of the Order of Malta in Dakar (CHOM) and re-inaugurated in April 2011.” Their website states that the hospital participates […]